Thailand Food Budget Help?

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Planning a 3 month trip to Thai land, looking at training a month each in chiang mai, bangkok and phuket, trying to plan a food budget.

what would you typically spend daily on food per day ? and what were some of the meals you were buying? will there be a massive price difference in food costs between chiang mai and phuket? I'm not planning on having much western food

im a pretty big eater so are portion sizes big?


In Chiang Mai I ate around 30 bath a meal, sometimes 50.
In Phuket, especially in a touristic place you can expect to pay up to 100 bath for the same meal.

50 a baht a meal that is really cheap, even 100 baht I'm ok with. what sort of meals could I expect to get for 30 baht? thanks

Plan 400 a day you should be fine

For 30 bath you get some ground meat or chicken with rice and a leaf of veggies. Keep in mind that the portions in Thailand, especially in non touristic restaurants are small.

..400 bath a day sounds pretty safe cheers guys!

My first trip to Thailand was pretty much what the OP's looking to do. I started in BKK for about 3 weeks, went down to the islands for another 3 weeks, then did 6 weeks in Chiang Mai. Trained each place I went.

Food's as cheap as you want it to be. In BKK I only ate at stalls and stands. Cost me about $6 a day (CDN). Down around the islands I mostly ate at restaurants, although they were cheap ones, but still it was about $10 a day. In Chiang Mai, I ate at the gym quite often, but also went to stands and stalls most of the time. Came to about $6 a day again.

So if you plan to go for 90 days, I think the very least you'll spend is about $700 (CDN). You could make it cheaper, and you can definitely spend A LOT more than that. But I was quite conservative with my spending while I was there and that was about how much I ended up spending on food.

At Tonys in Phuket I paid 60 baht a meal with drink

Sorry to make an off topic question but...
How do you order food without extra fats they pour?

Someone once even wrote it in Thai.

Sorry for not being specific, maybe it was Toms, something you said about not asking for MSG? TSG?


You don't. Simple as that. You don't ask for "no MSG". You look for places that say outright "NO MSG". If you have a dietary restriction, or a choice that you've made that restricts what you've chosen to eat, you have to choose to eat at places that already accommodate your choice or requirement, and not to demand that everywhere you eat accommodates your choice.

MSG isn't fat by the way, it's a powder. The only fats I've ever seen any Thai cook use have been cooking oils like canola, sesame, etc. I don't know what fats you're referring to that you don't want poured all over the food you would to elaborate?

I asked a spanish fighter how much he spent the other day, he replied 8000 per month, 6000 was food and sweets he said. He is a big eater, trains 2-3 times per day so 200 per day should absolutely get you around. He eats mostly here in Sankamphaeng.

If you want to eat on the cheap some camps have food plans for cheap, I paid a couple thousand baht for a month of 2 meals a day and then lived on that plus a few protein shakes a day from a huge tub carried with me from NY... Was real cheap for food.

awesome feed back guys!! appreciate it

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