The Bad Side Of The Thailand Fight Scene

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I remembered asking a month ago about how hard it was to get a fight in Phuket and how much experience, I have my answer now!

I watched this on facebook and man I didn't think this shit took place, I mean no disrespect because these guys fought and even if it's one of the guys first fight and you guys see for yourselves...

why the fuck is he wearing leggings? Give them their due they are having a go and as said its one of them and most likely the others first fight. Wouldnt be very happy if I had paid 2000 baht or whatever they charge in phuket to watch it though!

the leggings remind me of shoot boxing, Andy Souwer.
Worst fight ever, didn't watch all of it but the didnt eve throw knees, how long have they been training?
typical weightlifting type of guys going for a short holiday in a Phuket camp

match up's at bangla are very diffrent, sometimes you got fights like this, sometimes you got a skilled fighter against a beginner, and sometimes you just got some daMn nice matches, lets say at bangla you can expect everything

Found this on the Rawai Supa MT page, all respect that they stepped in the ring but you can clearly tell they haven't trained enough, to me it looks like 2 guys gone to Phuket for a month done training for 2 weeks and got in the ring.

I have seen old men take on youngers, seen 2 skilled farangs kicking each others asses, Thai s going to war on youtube but never seen something this bad ever!

The guy with the leggings literally stood there like a defensive boxer waiting to counter with some wild swing and misses, and the dane looks like he came to swing and try out some back elbows which you can see a mile off.

As Rambu said - looks like a typical jacked up weightlifter going to Phuket thinking he's a badass training 2 sessions and fighting. I would have thought tbh though that there was a limit as to how skilled you needed to be to fight.

well first of all respect to them for stepping in and trying to fight muaythai. going 5x3 isnt easy at all.
at the weight of this guys there arent many Thais to fight ....
that being said, I do not like Muay Thai fights without middle-kicks, high-kicks and knees. basically a
sort of boxing with some kind of clinching. ive seen fights like this before and usually I go out, find a place to sit down and
have a smoke, come back after 10 minutes or so and see if I can find a friend to share a beer.
blue corner looked like it was his first fight, and he was training some Muay Thai but didnt fully overcome his emotions
to have a go. rd 4 he started kicking a little bit, should have done that from the beginning. red corner looked like he
really didnt train much Muay Thai but maybe had some expirience in other martial arts.
but hey, why not? it takes some courage to fight in Thailand, and the opponent, as minr pointed out is Always a kind
of lottery. so this guys had a nice holyday, did some training and had a fight. all good imho. next time they might do
better. interesting that in a country where your padwork focuses 80+% on kicking, this farangs still didnt use the kicks
in the fight ...

one has more tats than a russian serial killer

Rob that Ryan from Canada who was at yours runs that rawai supa gym now.

a bit strange cos he was reasonably decent himself from what I remember,so he should be able to tell if someone should be in the ring, not sure why Phuket gyms think its good to have this kind of stuff going on

Low level MMA. Is normal.

There never is an excuse for shit fights like this because people pay big money to watch MT in Thailand and then this is what they get
i fucking hate Bangla stadium

Exactly, the damn camps should be taking a look closely if a fighters ready, not exploiting, I was planning to train at Rawai Supa when I went in May I am not sure now though

Why would you even go to Phuket to train?

have you thought of Sitsongpeenong in Phuket?

Love Phuket, I hate Bangkok it's just like London if not worse for me. Sitsongpeenong is far from Chalong that's the problem

and why Chalong? :-)

Cheapest part of Phuket haha, Soi-Taied is damn right cheap compared to all the other parts of Phuket I went too, from the basics of a nice meal in Tonys a nice big meal costs 60 Baht Maximum! at a beach or normal restaurant elsewhere your looking at 150-250!

Plus nice hotels are cheap there too

Chiang Mai is even cheaper,
you can eat for 25 bath

Yeah but those type of places don't suit me lol, i'm more of a hot weather and beach goer and relaxation type, not the mountainous adventurous type, even Bangkok most people love it I hated it.

the only thing I donīt like about Soi Taigred it takes to long to take hookers there

lol Vlad

not if you cut them up into small parts first and pop them in a backpack.

then have a nice BBQ

Lol I know Micheal the Scandi guy (the guy without the leggings) he's a really nice guy. he trained for a couple of months maybe, but he didn't spar at all (with any farang anyway) and really wanted to fight. Fair play. I think a gym is caught sometimes between selling tickets for a popular guy, versus 'is this guy any good? Does it look good for the gym?' I know two better fighters fought this week for RSMT but I bet the gym sold no tickets cos know one knows who these two fighters are at the gym because they don't talk to anyone.

But yeah people don't want to see fights like this. Pretty much zero Muay Thai . Fuck knows what the leggings dude was all about.

Must be a huge tattoo industry in scandinavia

Hey guys,
This is Ryan from RSMT. Was this fight the best representation of our gym? Honestly, no. Tim has brought up some good points but understanding that sports like Muay Thai and the general state of the sport being on the cusp of growing to be even bigger than it currently is, we're trying to give people the opportunity to live out a their dream even at the cost of our perceived "reputation". Yeah, I know that that fight isn't the best representation of what our gym does in terms of Muay Thai but it is a good representation of how we give our clients and customers fair fights, an opportunity to do things their way, and not be overly controlling. We are not a fully traditional gym in the sense that we do nothing but raise young Thai boys and control every aspect of the fighters life but we are dedicated to helping realize someone's potential and giving them the chance to try things the way THEY want because, let's face it, Thailand and Phuket in particular cater to a large foreign market. We can't control everyone because we really don't want to but we can help educate and show people a better way.

One other thing I forgot to mention; let's face it, Thailand is a tourist destination. If someone wants to step into the ring because they've never been in a fight before and they want to see how they would fare in their current condition then as a business that can arrange that in a safe(r) place then shouldn't we give them that opportunity? Better this than letting them get pissed drunk at Laguna and starting a brawl where he can get shivved or worse, right?Pat is right, in that I can judge this stuff fairly well but you have to remember that people come to Thailand and Muay Thai for different reasons and if this is what someone wants to do with their time I feel that we should at least provide them with that opportunity, talk after, and be like "How do you feel you performed?" or "Do you see how you can do better next fight?". Everyone has different goals and in this instance, Michael just wanted into the ring. I see this as an opportunity to help the sport grow and hopefully get people more motivated to become more serious about Muay Thai in general.
Minr, if you are still on the fence about coming to our gym, I am currently growing a fight team to help bring us more competitive power and avoid fights like this in the future. This fight was arranged BEFORE I came into office here and my goal is to bring in top tier talent while still appealing to the general hobbyist and make sure our fights are entertaining and as fair as we can make them. Don't be afraid to check us out and if you want video's or anything of our other fights contact me through the gym e-mail ( or here on the forum.

there is nothing wrong with fights of that level but there is something very wrong with charging tourists 1000 bath to watch a MT show and put fights like this in the program.
if I pay 100 bath I want to see real MT not some unexperienced tourists swinging at eachother.

i ment 1000 bath not 100

ryan is a sound guy I'm sure he will do good stuff with that gym he has some good trainers there and its a work in progress. thing is in Phuket whether you have a good fight or a shit fight its always gonna be a rip off, 75 pct of the crowd are tourists who dont have a clue what is going on anyway and will spend 2000 baht drinking anyway

moral of the story, don't go to Phuket if you want to watch MT.

true I suppose. occssionslly some good fights in Suwit but only amongst kiddies.

i don't like kiddies fighting

everyones a fucking kiddie when youre my age mate

I thought Ryan RSMT post was bang on. I mean, the fight was crap but let's face it, it's Phuket.

He honestly called it as it was and acknowledges that the large foreigner clientele there for the most part have no aspirations of fighting in Bangkok. Still having a domestic stable of kids to develop the local scene. I've got no gripes with that.

Anyone paying a ticket to the stadiums on the islands or Chiang Mai is already a mug, so I don't have any problem with them receiving that quality of fight for their service. The shows operate on a one time client principle so it's all over the top marketing and a poor quality product at the end (not all the time, but for the majority).

I guess where I get peeved is when all these party goers on the islands beat up some tuk tuk driver and then go back home with their egos inflated telling everyone that they beat the Thai champion and are too good for the domestic scene because they've trained in Thailand.

" Anyone paying a ticket to the stadiums on the islands or Chiang Mai is already a mug, so I don't have any problem with them receiving that quality of fight for their service. The shows operate on a one time client principle so it's all over the top marketing and a poor quality product at the end (not all the time, but for the majority). "

that's the first reason why I hate it

"I guess where I get peeved is when all these party goers on the islands beat up some tuk tuk driver and then go back home with their egos inflated telling everyone that they beat the Thai champion and are too good for the domestic scene because they've trained in Thailand."

and here is the second!

last fight I saw in Phuket was hauge tattood steroid freak Aussi who knocked out an overweighted Thai . When the Thai was on the ground he got apeshit shouting etc and the public went through the roof. I was never more ashamed of being a foreigner

Gotta agree with Tom S there.... I think that in the UK the domestic scene is generally at a higher level than the tourist scene in Phuket etc...

Lets face it, in the western world Muay Thai is a minority, you have to have dedication and go and seek it out.... at the very least you're going to fight someone who has most likely been through a minimum 8 week fight camp, and will be going all out to KO you from the first minute....

Don't get me wrong I've seen some terrible fights in the UK, but generally you're gonna come up against someone with a very high level of fitness and conditioning, even if their technical ability is slightly lacking,,,,,

"beat up some tuk tuk driver and then go back home with their egos inflated telling everyone that they beat the Thai champion" - classic. isnt that what every girl does, theyve all fought that poor Thai girl Namthip in Phuket who gets battered every week for a few bht lol.

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