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Recently I came across this video regarding the state of Muaythai. They interviewed samart parakoon, ex muay Thai and boxing superstar. Some consider him to be the best. Samart discusses about the lack of interest in Muaythai from Thais and how if this continues it will be the death of Muaythai. How gambling ruined everything. The confusing scoring system and corruption by the promoters. Even mention how foreigners love Muaythai more then Thais. Very good video. Make sure to turn on your caption for Thai English translation.

How to get subtitles?

Caption button in settings. It takes about 30 sec for subtitles to start after

ok thanks Sanchoy, learned something new today!

As I suspected, the only way camps make money now is by teaching foreigners.....sad interview, MT is near its end in Thailand...

some good pradal serey camps in cambodia, it's thriving there.

thriving? are you sure? Lethwei also is starting to accommodate foreigners but I wouldn't say it is thriving neither

I mean as in there's no shortage of boxers, and the camps make all their earning off of their boxers and don't need foreigners to survive, but I'm sure they wouldn't mind having any as its just added income.
The Cambodians really want to improve to be at a higher level than the Thais, stadiums are being built every year also, I think they're yet to have their golden/prime period also. And some are starting to fight abroad, imo pradal serey is on the rise and the muay Thai is slowly but surely going down. But that was always going to happen as the country's economic state improved (compared to 20 years ago).
I would say Cambodia is comparable to Isaan - both poor and see muay Thai as the sport to get them out.

The problem with both lethwei and pradal serey is the inconsistancy, in lethwei for example you'll get a top fighter such as tun tun min and tway shuang, and techniqually tun tun is soooo much better. Same with Cambodia vorn viva is techniqually pretty poor and then there's bird, long sophy who are just as good as the top Thais.
And there's many people who have gone to camps in Cambodia and seen the top Khmer fighters get no padwork or clinching.

I was reading a blog earlier as well when someone visited a Khmer camp and he would lay his fighters down and smash them in the face 30 times with a focus pad and now that's some hardcore pointless shit, all that's gonna do is hurt and damage his face.

I think Khmer's are a bit behind but they're catching up pretty fast.

thanks for your explanation Finn.
What do you mean they get no padwork or clinching? Then how do they train?
(i tried finding a gym when in Siem Reap but couldn't find any...)

That's just some gyms I read about by foreigners visiting. And I worded that kind of wrong also they tend to pad each other and the trainer will correct them if they want to. Also the clinching is a pretty big problem for them, from what I've seen in fights they don't really spend much time in it, I'm not sure how influential it is in the scoring, but I think they just clinch few times a week or for a short while, and lethwei also has a weak clinch, I watched that lethwei documentary and I never saw them clinch once, granted that's only one gym, and I seen some Burmese guys clinching and they just tend to tie them up waiting for the referee to break them, but I guess they don't have any time for the clinch cause they're too busy trying to knock each other out.

This is what's weird in Cambodia most Thai gyms have a really similar schedule (right?) But Cambodian gyms seem to vary soooo much.
Anyway I would also be interested in someone explaining the scoring of pradal and comparing it to muay Thai and see what the differences are.
Also my knowledge isn't amazing so anyone with more can feel free to correct.

it is the clinching that destroyed muay Thai , it is all they do now making the fights boring to watch. I honestly don't like to watch a MT fight. K1 kickboxing is way more entertaining. So the no clinching seems like a good thing to me.

I quite like it, nothing beats someone nearly getting knocked out so they just clinch rape them for the rest of the fight and win.
But I tend to find that kun khmer and lethwei fighters really go at it, and for the Burmese it's understandable because they have to knock out to win, but I think the khmer's are just that poor that just want to slug it out a bit more, and they really go elbow mad. So maybe you should try watching them, or if you really want to see some mad fights, watch Cambodian MMA, they basically just have a stand up fight but with tiny gloves so it's really entertaining.

I still think Thailand will be better for quite a while, especially for foreigners going to train there. But I think Cambodia in 10years will be a good place to train also, once they figure out what foreigners like/want.

i agree with you rambutan...the only one clinch fighter that I actually like to watch is muangthai as his clinch style is a little different and he throws more elbows and has a good ko ratio and his clinch is a little longer....i do not know any other clinch fighters that I would watch but I am not so knowledgeable....i never really watch any channel 7 or any fights like this any more...max muay Thai is not such high quality but is good evenly matched foreigners vs Thai s which can be entertaining and sometimes they have good foreign people fighting

its an open secret that only promoters and gambling bosses are making big money with muay in Thailand.
Gym owners are complaining privately since 10-15 years now. boxers never made money (very few exceptions)
being owned, used and discharged by the promoters and gym owners. since the 97-98 collapse of Thai economy
the Whole Muay Thai - scene struggles and the foreigners have been the only secure income, not only for the gyms,
but fro the promoters as well (who else would be ting tong enough to pay thousands of baht entrance at the big
stadiums and 7-800 on the islands or in CM to watch B and C class fights?) but not only would they pay overpriced
promotions, they would also pay incredible sums only for training "ALONG"side Thai fighters without really teaching.

there is a new trend in Thailand, thanks to Buakaw and THAI FIGHT: muay is hip now, in upper class Thai society,
more than it has ever been. lots of lukjin and rich ppl go to see some promotions and loads of medium-upper class
thais are checking out some gyms for fit-box, fitness muay training. lets wait and see how this developes ;-)

i did fight in Cambodia 10 years ago: the boy (my opponent) started clinching in the first round, hurt my ribbs a lot,
elbowed me 4 times and I was thinking "this a-hole has no honour to start a fight in a nervous and aggressive style,
worse than many fighters in europe...". luckily for me, his boxing skills, same as the other khmer boys I saw that night,
was at a shitty level. I knocked him out in the 2nd with a left hook with this shitty 20 oz gloves (it was 10 oz, BUT all the
fighters that night used the same gloves, I was fight number 8 and had some 10 oz of sweat from the 7 boys beore me
in the gloves. got paid 10 dollars us, no joke, while in Thailand it would have been at least 150 +. went to the stadium
again and again (entrance was 25 cent foreigner or khmer, no racisme as in Thailand) and Always saw the khmer boys
clinching a lot and early on and throwing many elbows, also early on. dont know if this has changed by now. saw how
they trained, pretty anrchy-style, without a real routine as in Thailand.

about the burmese I dont know much, just saw many fights burmese vs Thai s with the burmese winning 95% of fights ....
but alwys under burmese or mixed rules, never saw a burmese fighting Muay Thai so far.

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