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taken from ...e-on-muay-thai-pads/ though it was interesting! let me know your thoughts. Guys technique is spot on

the following video showcases Petch-ake Sitjaopho hitting pads with his trainer at Sitjaopho Muay Thai. When you watch this video keep an eye on Petch-ake’s technique throughout the video. Notice his hips are turned on his kicks generating power, elbows are sharp and crisp, and the knees are a thing of magic. This is what perfect technique looks like on Muay Thai pads.

Not only does Petch-ake look great on pads, his pad holder demonstrates what a next level pad holder looks like. He doesn’t call out a ton of combinations for his fighter, he simply lets Petch-ake flow through his offense. He is using free style pad work and constantly moving into different positions for Petch-ake to attack. This is what next level pad holding looks like.

Sitjaopho Muay Thai is a small gym that I have been wanting to check out ever since my friend Matt Nielsen, has been posting awesome pictures and videos like this of the gym. Located in the city of Hua Hin (a few hours from Bangkok), this gym has produced two of Thailand’s best fighters Petch-ake Sitjaopho and Petch-tho Sitjaopho, who also happen to be twins.

The Sitjaopho twins utilize a style of Muay Thai that is called Muay Femeu. Muay Femeu is a style that emphasizes using skill and technique to win fights. While other camps like the famous Sitmonchai Muay Thai camp near Bangkok, focus on power and strength (Muay Mat), the Sitjaopho style of fighting is all about out smarting your opponent in the ring.

The Muay Femeu style of Muay Thai is the same style that legends like Saenchai, Samart Payakaroon and Somrak Khamsing all utilized as champions.

To find out more information about Sitjaopho Muay Thai Gym you can visit there website or their facebook page

I watch this video all the time, defo my favourite pad video. 2 of my friends recently trained at this gym and loved it, and I'm strongly considering checking it out in my upcoming 3 months trip

i thought it was pretty good lol I like to use it to try and mirror his technique I'm going for 3 months too! in may, when and where are you going? are you going to get a fight?

I'm going in July, 2 nights in Bangkok then down to koh phaghan to train at diamond for at least 1 month, maybe more. Probably do the last month or so at sitjaopho

Probably will fight, only had 2 so far with my 3rd on 4th April

Ah kool man I will be heading to chiang mai might get a fight!

I think thats called Pad Porn

Surprised Tenchu hasn't popped in to say how he's doing it all wrong.

Thats the type of padholder I want.
fuck students holding pads in non Thai gyms.
Back in Europe I often feel I am the only person who can hold pads in the gym, because I trained in Thailand and others didn't.
Due to their poor pad holding I caanot train the ay I want.

also fuck endless useless combos, I like freestyling much better and it is more realistic, by the time I remember the combo I have to do the round is finished already! fuck it!
Rant over :-)

oh and I like Muay mat more, just getting a good left middle kick and forcing it through, just like Samkor did, block it or not, it doesn't matter, you'll end up hurt :-)

Top shelf striking and holding.

His right step up knee is soooo sexy. Great angle and hip extension on it.

i have never had someone freestyle on pads, I will defo want to go give it a go, might have to visit this place on my travels, anyone know much about town of Hua Hin? is it expensive?

Hua Hin is a holiday town for Bangkok people, so expect to pay inflated tourism prices for everything.

who is that trainer? ive seen him about a few times

Do they speed up the vid when the guy strikes ??

Nice padwork! I also like this guy palangpols kicks on the pads and the pad holder catches strikes nicely:

that Chuwattan footage is great esp switching legs and then straight onto punches. Very instinctive training

I like how basic the techniques are used by Chuwattan,
nothing fancy but perfection in what you do.
That is how MT should be thought in Europe also

that clip had me doing 40 mins bag work yesterday

Can tell by his side on stance and shot selection he likes punching. Not your classical style but still nice to watch.

Keep the clips coming. Really enjoyed both so far.

i liked this video Rob posted on fb

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shit it doesnt work,
if you want to see it just go to muaythaifocus on facebook, its boxing technique only

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