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Yet again muaythailand has turned to shit.
it was better before with all the flame wars. Now it's just a stagnant shitheap with noobs asking random questions

Let's have a flame war then. Any topic ideas that we both will disagree on? Lol


You need to set up a tagging thing, so Tenchu can be summoned into any given post.

Muaythailand became shit as soon as Tenchu left...
also there is only that much to be said about training MT in Thailand....

All the hoops you have to jump through to actually start a thread doesn't help, I'm sure.
I'm not saying for one minute that any of my posts improve the forum, but there are loads of times I've thought about posting and started the long winded process to actually get it out there and thought fuck it, I'm not that arsed.

Yeah that shit sucks

you're right Andy, starting a thread takes way to much time that often I don't have the courage for it...

fuck off you piece of shitcunt

bored at work Hawkman?

fucking Belgians, youre all called Yves, Stefan or Mohammed

By 2050 Yves and Stefan will disappear


Yep. The use case both for registrations and thread creations got overly complex.

This coupled with the departure of the website's greatest troll, led to a rapid decline in MTL over the past year.

this website needs more promotion anyway. The list with muay Thai camps should be updated, that would make it a lot more useful for most people. There are a million camps that are not in the list yet.

i agree. and I promise that if I call dave a bellend, he will appear

maybe get the gyms to write a bit about their style and training. I bet they would be willing to give some more info.

Another thing I noticed is tat alot of us joined this pages like 5 years or more ago and now that we got older we kind of outgrew MT due to having no motivation or time to go to a gym on fixed hours...

its hormonal Rambutan. I have no inclination to do anything anymore. Except napping and wishing I had a dog.

Yeah, it's sad that MuayThaiLand has been left to waste again.

I've built lots of websites over the years. The one that separates MuayThaiLand from the others and makes it a nightmare to develop and maintain is that it's filled to the brim with absolute nob-end, cock-sucking cunts. Yes! That's probably you!

Usually I have to idiot-proof a website. That's hard enough, because people don't tend to read instructions. But with MTL I have to try and troll-proof it as well, which is much more difficult because whatever I do there will always be someone who tries to spoil it.

It's an un-winnable situation.

Do any of the following statements sound like you? If so then there's a good chance you're a cunt.

"I want MuayThaiLand to be completely accessible with no verification but I don't want lots of anonymous trolls spoiling it."

"I want to troll people but I don't want other people to troll people".

"I'm sick of newbies asking the same questions. Why aren't the forums organised better so the newbies can find the answers?? Oh but I also don't want to have to categorise any new threads that I make, or give them a clear title which makes them easier to find and read later on."

"MuayThaiLand has the same old people on here all the time. I'm sick of it. I want more newbies to join and post! Oh and I also want to tell newbies to fuck off because they're new and I don't like new things".

"I want Brave Dave to spend hours and days and weeks and months of his life making MuayThaiLand better and managing MuayThaiLand in exchange for zero money, because I'm a spoilt little self-entitled cock sucker who doesn't know how the world works".

Have I missed any? Oh yeah...

"Dave! Tenchu is starting flame wars in every thread! You should ban him because I don't like him!"
A bit later...
"I wish Tenchu was here. I want to flame him!!"

Added to this is the fact that I have no interest in Thailand or Muay Thai other than the memories of training there over 10 years ago (which is why this website was built in the first place). The only reason this site still exists is because it's a relic and has a lot of memories attached to it seeing as I have been redesigning it since 2003!

So all y'all motherfuckers can suck a fat one.


PS: I have recently been thinking about redoing MuayThaiLand again, but this time once and for all. And this time I'd strip it right down to the bare essentials. Camps and forum and that's it. And the forums would be super basic. Text and nothing else. I was far too ambitious with the whole "Camps, Accommodation, Attractions, Bars and Clubs" thing and the "Write a Review About A Camp" thing. I naively thought that people wanted to build a community and forgot that the already-established community is 90% a bunch of cunts with no interest in anything except flaming each other and then whining about there being too much flaming.

So if I do end up doing anything with MuayThaiLand I'll be taking it right back to basics and it'll probably concentrate on the camp owners, letting them manage their content, rather than letting people like you lot write the content.

Here's a video of me pondering long and hard about MuayThaiLand and its future and your opinions on it all:

Great post Dave, sounds like you hit the nail right on the head with that one... Sorry to hear that your site has become infested with Abunchacunts.
Love watching your videos, your a wild man.




MTL is shit, but Thailand is shitter. Guess what happened this morn, Tenchu got mugged. I shit you not. It happened near my home, in rural fucking Thailand, for fuck's sake. Shit like that shouldn't happen here.

Two guys appear to have been waiting outside the petrol station to see where customers keep their money. I bought petrol, then these guys start following me on their bike down the highway. I thought they were gay, 'cause they kept smiling and saying hello. I slowed down to let the fags pass, but then they slowed down too, so I sped up. Damn it. I let 'em slip behind me, next thing I know one reaches over and grabs the money bag from my chest (I wear around my neck, see). I looked over and he had a knife. Fuck knows what he thought he would do with it. I tried to kick their bike over. It was on a highway. I was going to throw them under a truck. Fuck I was angry. But my bike's a piece of shit and they sped off.

Only lost 300 baht. Still, I'm poor as Hell right now and that's a lot for me. It's confirmed my desire to leave Thailand. This country is a fascist dictatorship, thanks to people like Rob, and it ain't getting any better. People are getting poorer, me included, and it isn't safe to raise kids here. We're going to either NZ or Aus. Dunno which. But we're going.

Fuck Thailand.

sorry to hear that man. chin up.

and yeh Thailand does suck now, unfortunately. Not Rob's fault though. Although I hear that he is reponsible for the Syrian refugee crisis AND global warming.

Thats not a mugging bro, some cheeky cuntiss just snatched your purse while you were playing with your clit
Go to oz, get some tickets and a shitty job and house, handball all your work, cupply years you'll be a foreman cos FUCKIN STRALIA MAAAYYYYTTTTT

stop whining Brave Dave and just get on and re do the fucking site

Im proud of the lengths I went to to make this place a fascist dictatorship, the hard work was all worth it in the end. All those dumb poor cunts suffering as a result and whining about it too nevertheless. Or maybe I didn't do anything, maybe some people getting poorer is down to their own fucked up choices and paths they have taken, maybe they won't be happy anywhere and just blame others for their own fuck ups as per the norm, silly fat useless cunts

reality of the situation: Two muggers realised they had a soft target, pulled out a knife and old tubby shat his pants just like he did in the ring, I was gonna, I coulda, I shoulda,.....

Oh but while were at it David, Muaythailand now is just full of people going on about deadlifts and supplements, I want that stopped now!!!

So Tenchu,
you finally made up your mind to bring your family to Australia...

I don't kno abbout your country , but for most European countries you need to have a stable job with fixed contract and housing to get your family to come and join you, so the government is sure you can support them...

that is what uscks about people training any martial art in the West,
they all focus to much on weightlifting.

about the supplements, did you guys notice supplements are getting more and more popular in Thailand also? Buakaw just started doing lots of adds for protein powder...

and concrete.....faggot

that concrete commercial is the shit.

Rambu youre right, and I can only do one or the other. As I do not trust any pad holders outside of Thailand and I see lots of gyms advertising their Dutch style of training and letting other students hold pads, I choose to do deadlifts.

fuckin hows that get pad rounds from students telling you how to kick and when to do fuckin whatever little cunt fuck off

It's impossible to train like Thailand outside of it.

exactly Khun Brake

It's all about padwork
In europe you either have to pay for or diserve it

Right now you just have to burn your passport and tell you are Syrian to enter the EU

After training in Thailand I lost the will to train in Europe. Students holding pads and doing stupid combos is not a good training.

yes yes and yes, I am so happy to hear this.

this is also how fascists like rob can overcharge falang and lure them to Thailand to make them do padwork ;-)

yeah but after a month or so in fascist Rob's camp we go back home and get back to the same level we have before going to Thailand, feeling even more frustrated.
Maybe the best thing to do is to join a boxing gym and forget about MT...

Dave every cunt is still fucking whining on here, sort it out now!

He'll fix it the day you'll fix your muaythai200 site Rob...

The stupid combos made me Tell a coach hes a punk and leaving the gym

fix it how? Its not my site by the way , nice try though

ah ok I believed it was your site lol :-)

Although Rob, the front page of the Kiatphontip website is still stuck in 2013.....

That does indeed need a complete overhaul

Hey Dave,

For all their whining, everyone's got a point. Usability is REALLY important when making a site. Streamlining the user process is a fundamental part of design. If something's shit and annoying to use, why would they bother using it?

This site's positive point of difference, as far as I can tell, is the camps section. It's a centralised repository of a list of camps and their reviews, which is an awesome resource for people looking to make a trip to Thailand. Pretty clear that the camps and forum are all that gets used on here - and there are plenty of other forums, but this is STILL the best list of Thai camps on the net.

Anyway, good luck with the revamp, if it ever happens.

Yes, best list of camps on net...seconded

It is the best list, but if you take out all the camps in there that no longer exist or have links/websites that don't work, it'd be a lot smaller.

and it could be a lot bigger, both quality and quantitywise. I bet camp owners would be willing to promote their camps if you contact them.

I'm not fat. Does this link work:

There's a recent pic of me on my facecock page. I'm trying to make that site work. It's hard. Go message me there, and add me as friend, but tell me what your username here is or I'll tell you to fuck off.


Wtf happened to this place, hadn't visited until recently, hard as fuck to start a thread. where's all the arguing? Shits gone boring.
Is anyone actually fighting? People still not posting videos?

Most people on here stopped training Muay Thai a while ago...
I see you joined the forum in 2013, that means you missed golden age of arguments around 2011-2012.
those were the good times :-)

I was there for quite a few arguments but not sure about the golden age :D

Seems quite a few don't post anymore.




Tenchu youre quite a handsome bloke in your profile pic, my missus say so too.

I went to the local gym a while back. Thought it's time I step in the ring again. The place was full of six year olds. Got on my motorbike and left before anybody noticed me. Fuck Muay Thai. It's kid stuff in the sticks now, and tourist gyms just want money. I doubt I'll ever try it again. It feels dumb going to gyms packed with kids, and being tall, and white, and fifty times older than everybody else. Whatever happened to countryside gyms being awesome? When did that die out? I dunno.


stop refusing all the requests from your former Virgin victims

looks like lion sold again

oh really ? what happened there then?

No idea really, saw a sold sign on a muay Thai gym ad. Looked at pics, it was from the lion must Thai gym. Claims the owners overseas business taking off and no time.

Back with a new account and agree 100%.

What a fucking shithole this place is now. Look its not going to ever be some massive useful repository for information on camps or training advise there are just too many well designed maintained and professional sites and forums for that nowadays. Thats not a knock on Brave in anyway either the man is just far to busy and no longer interested in the site or sport to give 2 fucks and fair play.

Joining is a fucking hoopty hoop I wonder what the fucking bounce rate is during that process. From what I can see the thread posting is the same. If the sites going to be stagnant lets at least bring it back to the old ways where there was loads of classic interaction.

What I would like to see is a return to the glory days, where this site was the dark dungeon of combat sports. Im talking full flaming, full banter, lift all the crap from the latest (year+) update and get back to the old ways where this place was fun. are still a fat fuck.

Who's this cunt then

What was your nickname before rubincox?

btw does anybody knows what happened to Saint and to Timoking?

timoking is in Thai land doing bicep curls, curls for the girls

LOL leg curls Are Second to frontsquat

front squat piss stained cock

"where this site was the dark dungeon of combat sports"

and in particular, hand-to-gland combat

"hand-to-gland combat"

big LOL

Havent been on here in quite a long time,,,What ever happened to the fight between Tenchu and that other guy? The Winner has to leave town and shit, did that fight ever happen..


Who was that other guy?

and me as well

we were all gonna fight Tenchu cos he kept shitting on Rob for no reason

I have to have my right toe amputated in a few days, it's just smashed. FML, never thought my luck would ever go this bad. Oh well I guess, what can you do but accept shit u can't change.

Pray that I won't be completely fucked.


hey sam which toe is it ?

Big toe on right foot!

Now apparently I have to get an Air Evacuation to Aus where fuck knows what they will say a bout my big toe which looks like a fucking skeleton.

P.s - Did I mention they managed to infect my thigh with E.coli! Fucking hectic shit. Fuckers in the operating theatre were playing with their phones and shit! That aint sterile.
I had hectic fevers for like 10 days before they figured out my thigh is/was infected (fucking duh, why the fuck else am I getting fucked fevers). Fuck the 3rd world man, seriously not as good as the 1st world. Yeh yeh, pretty rice fields, but seriously catch up with the rest of the world fuck wits!

ok man that is fucking bad

really the big toe is vital in keeping you stood up.

E coli in your leg is not as bad as staph or mrsa. Either of those two and I think leg would be coming off. fingers crossed old chap

not a single post in the past 24 hours

oh for the days of Japanese squid porn "I gave up my job at the salon for this!!!"

Yeh I know. Where are my "get well soon Prim" posts! You lot of Eskimos

Does this sound right?

So I'm completely hooked on Fentanil (hospital painkillers). Been on it for 27 days on like high doses. AND just 4 days prior to my supposed discharge, they cut my dose down by 60% and expect me to cope, I feel fucked.... Should they not have gone the taper slower? I'd say so. Fuck I just need my emergency passport issued asap and head down under where they don't have communication issues such as the nurses and doctor on shift giving me high doses then my surgeon cracking the shits and telling them to reduce my dose drastically. The nurses even lie in their logs; the surgeon says my sheets must be changed every day for keeping me "infection free" then my surgeon asked me if my sheets were changed today and I said "no" and she's like I don't believe you, the nurses log says they did. But they fukn didn't. Don't seem like a big deal but seriously, how the fuck can they get away with that! Fukn joke.. Then when ever management comes for an inspection they clean my room spotless and become super pro, but no inspection and they do whatever.

I suppose my rant is about how sick I am of crazy messed up Asian countries in conjunction with how I've been fucked up.

When I'm better,I'm not taking life for granted anymore, going to live life well!

Get well soon Sam,
hope you get out of the hospital asap!

Sam why the fuck are you always getting hurt? You recently mentioned you were on your death bed recently , and how nobody gave two shits about you. Now your fucking toe is scraped to the bone. What the fucking hell are you doing

I think it still is the same issue...



but why are you on fentanil prior to the accident ?

surely you have not been in hospital for 27 days?

i told you before mate no prescription drugs ! for pain relief you should smoke the herb.

it is illegal Hawkman....especially over there

btw Hawkman,

"not a single post in the past 24 hours ",

it is getting worse....please advice me an alternative forum

No! No painkillers before hospital! And yes, day 28 now, complications galore brah (badly). Anywayyyy

Sam Start demanding that stuff Michael Jackson used to shoot
That shit is for real

In postsoviet states you Even have to prepay the fucking sheets for the estimated Time of your stay at the Hospital
Of course all prices are negotiable

Get Well , keep your Toes !

Dam Sam. Hope you feel better.

i had to pay my dextrose in the Philippines before I got them,
and they sold me lots of them just to make money.

Rambutan yes same Same for "Vitamins" which is water

Rambo theres plenty o smoking and mushrooms going on in bali

There is, but if you get caught as a local.....

I hate it when I find grey hairs on chicks vagina.....

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