Three Islands And Three Words

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Three islands:

Samui, Ko tao and Pangan. Write a few words for each that could, in your opinion, describe them:

Samui: crowded, green, fun.

Ko Tao: scubba diving,

Pangan: Party, touristy, expensive

Write yours.


Samui: crowded, green, fun
Pangan: never, been, there
Ko Tao: never, been, there

Samui: K1, chaweng, stadium

Phangan: Never, going, There

Tao: never, going, there

Samui: home away from home
Phangan: Drugs
Tao: diving, I hear. Never been

Samui: old,resort,green
Pangan: party, young, full moon
Ko Tao: diving, mafia, small

samui: shit. crap. europe

pangan?? bad spelling partys

koh tao: we kill tourist


you should mae the same about other locations like :

Chiang Mai

Pattaya: Full, of, Brasses

Chang Mai: smoggy, northern, overrated

Phuket: Never, been, there

Lets stick to those three locations please

More non-funny answers would be apreciated.


Can I ask you why you ask this question and you want it to stay serieus and only those 3? IS it related to marketing or something?

my answers were not funny, when I said mafia I was really seriues because I ve read a whole story on how a few families controll everything on the island

Same story on samui

3 words is to make it easier for people to just post the first idea they link to the islands.

I think the first ideas that pop up in your mind when someone asks you something are the closest and more sincere. A short paragraph will transform the thread into showing pictures of porstitutes, midgets, poops and stuff.

I love those threads, really, but I just wanted peoples idea of three islands.

They dont have to be exactly 3, they can be 4 or 5, but keep it short and simple.

Nothing to do with marketing, just visiting Thailand for fourth time but its the first ill go to the islands so I wanted a qucik resume of peoples view.


ah ok get it,
i thought you were writing something to promote a hotel etc..

hope you enjoy the islands!

Samui over Phuket

Samui: Costa Del Samui
Pangan: Full Moon Party
Ko Tao: Murder In Paradise
Pattaya; Capital Of Aids
Phuket; Love You Longtime

Costa del Samui??

like in costa del sol

samui: lots of tourists, nightlife, international food, not really cheap.
Phangan: lots of tourists (but younger), party-people, can be cheap somewhere
Tao: Mafia, murders - am not ever going ;-)

for me Ko Phangan was cool10 years ago. met one of the great Nakmuays there (Namsaknoi)
had one on one training with him daily, met many ppl, also old friends from CM, lots of
western chicks, only the full moon drinking Marathon was disapointing.

your counting is terrible johnny!

Always thought Koh Samui was Asia's version of Costa Del Sol, just because of the number of British tourists there, generally from the lower tier of society.

Fighters tend to be from the "lower tiers of society" so you're probably describing almost everyone on here. So Samui would seem to be ideal for us plebs.

As long as they wouldn't look out of place on Jeremy Kyle then yeah pretty much

i agree with you hobz, I hated samui but it was to much like tenerife which... I hated!

my misses still wants me to go and see the other parts, which are apparently nothing like chaweng, so ive had to give in and agree to go back on our next trip. :/

A couple died in Koh Tao, ok, but that doesnt make that island dangerous right?

I mean, Phuket seems more dangerous if we look at the statistics.

Would you guys avoid Koh Tao because there´s mafia or because you consider it a booring island?


i would not avoid koh tao but their is more then just that couple issue going on.
Then if you read pattaya one people die every day.....
Lets say I would avoid it if you are not a diver

I would avoid ko tao because of both

Phuket: fucking dreadful driving
Kanchanaburi: fucking ugly women
Bangkok: ping pong show

@rarave82 ...llers-choice-in-asia
Koh Tao leads five islands from Thailand named among the top 10 destinations in the list of best islands in Asia, in the latest survey by TripAdvisor released on Tuesday.

Samui: Island feel.
Pangan: Dick head touros
Ko Tao: Don't know. Prostitutes most likely.
Pattaya; Patong x 10, Tim Sharky Ward, drunk tourist fighting pro Thai's who dive on purpose.
Phuket; Bunch of expats that lie about what they do, everyone play politics, assholes.

well duh "diving" is on purpose.

LOL Sam call 555-sharky

little off topic but from my travels I think Pattaya has the best muay Thai events or matches outside of Bangkok (and maybe Issan but have not spent much time there)...seemed to me that the quality of muay Thai in chiang mai and down south was much worse than pattaya...of course every location has incidents of mismatches and "purposeful" dives :-)

for Thai land generally my 3 words would be "becoming less appealing"

i should add I do not think pattaya has the best muay Thai camps outside of bangkok or issan...just that it has the best events and muay Thai matches outside of those locations...most of the fighters in those come from gyms outside pattaya anyway I understand

The thing is ill be in Ko Tao with my gf and she´s like:

"make sure its a safe place bla bla bla"

We re visiting Pangan and Samui so we feel it strange not visiting koh Tao being so close to it.

Would you guys not go having it so close and not having it visited?

if you are so close you should visit it for sure, its a package imo.
lots of people go there every day and nothing happens to them, just dont walk on a desserted beach at night wit you gf and you should be fine

Phuket - Filthy Russian Scumbags
Samui - Beaches Bitches Buckets
Phi Phi - Best Spot (in) Thailand

Thanks guys but I´m not interested in Phi Phi or Phuket, I ve been there and I'm not interested in going back.

Just interested in Samui, Pangan and koh Tao.

have you stayed overnight on Phi Phi rarave82? Or just done the day trip? If you stay for a few nights it's by far the best place to party at night and then during the day it's cool for a chilled out atmosphere..

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