Tiger Balm Or Liniment Oil Or Anything Else? Recovery

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I will be in Thailand this year training hard, attempting to train 2 times a day, 6 days a week, I know I will be extremely sore day next day, what oil do you recommend to aid recovery? for bruises , muscle soreness etc..

Tiger balm or liniment oil? any other oil?

have a got a foam roller too to help with my recovery and plan on getting massages, with the happy ending kind :) haha jokes


I would not use tiger balm. I used it in the past on my shoulders after every training and I ended up with my skin peeling off , looked disgusting.
they have an oil in Thailand they always use but I don't know the name, I believe it is a lighter form of tiger balm and very liquid.

When training at Patong we always had fun putting some kind of ultra strong tiger balm on people who just had a hard sweat from training, just a finger tip of that stuff on the persons back and then a minute or so later he would be in terrible burning pain lol
it only worked when the persons pores were wide open from sweating....

haha ok mate thanks for the advice, that's exactly was how I was going to use the tiger balm. after every session lol now I wont!

I used the naman boxing liniment oil before training then the cream afterwards for bruises etc you can get it in any pharmacy out there.

The green Thai ointment. They sometimes categorise it as a 'herbal' ointment and would not be in the same section as the naman liniment, deep heat etc...

It burns but you get mroe than tiger balm so its good to rub/massage in. When I was at sumalee, the other visiting students liked it so much they bought some themselves! But I just use it on calves, quads, shins, arms, neck and shoulders. Don't put in on my torso like I would with naman.

theres another green ointment that cools. id advice naman muay before training, and the green cooling one after it.

go for massage also

ok guys thnx for the advice, naman muay before training, green cooling Thai ointment shoulders calves etc.. for after and cream for any bruises

and some massages too to help

cheers, will head to the nearest pharmacy when I get to chiang mai 3 months of training is going to be intense!

Get a masssaaaa erry day
Cheap as chips bro
There's also freeze spray you can buy from booths

and tramadol.
lots of tramadol

i don't really believe those ointment help...i mean, what's the logic behind it?
something to heat up is not necessary in a hot climate, you can also just warm up
and cooling down? a cold shower...

@s haha how much is one approx ? with happy ending?

@rambutan maybe be placebo? just tried goggling tiger balm medical studies and doesn't seem to much

@blake haha if I chug on load of that before a fight will it make me extremely hard to knockout? haha

u wont be able to move to fight if you take too many.

if your body hurts it means it needs to rest, no need to take painkiller , just listen to your body

ssshhhh, I'm trying to get him addicted to opiates.

hahaha I think ill give the opiates a miss lol

Massage, xanax, juice, kamagra, yaba
You should be finde


leelack body , make matthahd you, make you body powah


LOL Hawkman

Voltaren anti inflammatory gel is good for any tender and sore spots..I also like hanging out in the pool/ocean straight after training before I have a meal..I usually like to have a smoothie with protein and fruit immediately as I finish and then head for the water..I've found being in the water and also having a good stretch while having a swim helps me heaps with soreness !!

yes going for a slow , relaxed swim helped me alot also but when training in Phuket I used to swim to much, to fast, to long and it had the opposite effect.
You have to keep in mind that you go for active recovery when you swim, not training

I wasn't swimming as such, more so just being in the water to cool down and stop sweating really..And I found gentle movement and a good stretch while in the water for 30 min seemed to help..

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