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In this episode we are in really party-fan hart jungle Thailand - Pai.
Right here we've found rally cool camp Charn Chai managed by famous in Europe and Thailand Kru Bee.

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Good vid. I preferred this to some of the other ones because there was more about the camp itself, training clips etc. I know it's not necessarily meant to be an advert for a gym, but professional looking videos like these but which show everything a gym has to offer (accommodation/food/local area/student comments etc) would, I think, be really useful for those looking to train but are unsure where to go.
Either way, thanks for these vids and keep them coming..

Bee is one of the best trainer I have work with. He has a great understanding of western style MT.

Thank you, Croatoan.

Yeah, I think next time I'll pay more attention to some details of camps that could be useful.

I went there for 5 weeks this spring and loved it!!

This is a good honest representation of the gym.

Most of the students are backpackers and beginner to intermediate level, but the trainers are decent, give a shit, and create a good family atmosphere for the students.

They must be onto something as I think it'd be damn hard to maintain a stable base of customers in a shitty hilltribe town like Pai, but they have as large a number of students as any gym I've seen in Chiang Mai.

From what I've seen in my few days there, there are 2 kinds of people that train at Charn Chai. One is the hippy backpacker type that wants to get some exercise (I've heard some people saying they wanted to try muay Thai because the yoga place was closed that day).
There is also a small group of serious fighters, and I think Bee and the other trainers can be really good trainers if you want to fight. They all have eye for details, which I think is one of the most important things a trainer or teacher needs in any field.

If Pai didn't get so boring and rainy, I would have stayed longer.

Yeah there are a few semi decent guys there. Problem is the hippy backpacker type outnumber them like 10 to 1.

yea that sounds about right.... I didn't really see hippie backpackers but about 50% of the people there were tourists of sorts just kind of floating in to train for a week. Maybe 25% people who do MMA or something at home and wanted to train in Thailand and the last 25% there to live and fight.. As for me, I just have been doing martial arts my whole life, so I take any and all training I can get and enjoyed the family atmosphere and friendly quality trainers while I improved on my sparring and technique.

Been thinking of training there. Great video. Anyone suggest accommodation in Pai? Also am I going to freeze to death at night and/ or wake up with a monacled cobra chilling in the ceiling of the bungalow?

Actually they don't have their own accomofdation, but right on their side there are villas for rent. From 400-800 Bath per night, and of course cheaper if you rent for a month or more.

There are some nice places in pai for 1000 bt per week

It can be really rainy in the wet season. I left the place after a week of 24/7 rain. The only snake I've seen was a dead one by the road, way out of town. Lots of gecko's though.

heeeeaps of geckos, alright.
What's the weather like throughout Janurary? Looking at going there maybe 2-4 weeks if I suss out a visa in Laos or somewhere beforehand. Was in Pai for about 10 days in 2012 but didn't train as had a broken collarbone but definitely know there ain't fcuk all to do otherwise

I think there were visa organised visa runs for 1000bt or something.

Tony, you mentioned some decent places. Im off, probably for a month or I may head to Lanna. If you have any decent places in Pai to recommend, for a weekmonth please let me know.

plan for the now is to be making my way overland from Hong Kong, so would be going through a couple of countries beforehand. The weather is what I'm most curious about, if it's likely to be constantly pissing down around that time then I'll probably give it a miss and head straight to Samui

Regarding places to stay.. There are multiple places a stones throw literally from the camp... I stayed at a place almost directly across the street called bon chuk di or something like that it was across the street and had a pink sign.. Small room with aircon and a shower... No cobras to speak of though a few gekos shared my room... The wifi was also fast and it held up to the earthquake we had while I was there LOL

I saw a few rooms of the place next door mountain blues, but it didn't look all that nice inside one kid had a mattress on the floor and loads of bugs/mosqutios of whatever they were.. Mostly I was told the place across the road I stayed at was the nicest place of the bunch of places directly next to the camp but yea there are plenty of places all around pai and its a 10 min walk from town to the camp so not that far if you wanted to shop around... But I can vouch for the place accross the street being a nice simple room cobra and bug free.. Just a few gecko friends..

Oh and not sure about weather in January.. But in April-May I was there for 6 weeks, mostly it was just hot and sunny with a mini rain storm a couple times a week that lasted maybe 15 minutes each time... So not that much rain.. But I think the rainy season was starting around then, January is right before the hot season so I think you would avoid bad weather altogether..

January gets cold at night. Definitely take a jacket.

I was there in july, stayed at pai park (where the old true bee gym was). I wish they never left that location. 1000 bt for a 2-bed place with a shower and fan, right next to the river. You won't need aircon up there imo. They also had these really small shacks with just a bed in it for 40 bt a day, but the shared bathroom wasn't too great.

mornings in january will be chilly, my advice is bring some sweatspants and a hoody for warm-up. Around 9 o'clock when the sun is up and shining into the camp regular Thai weather will be restored, but before that prepare for below 10C temps.

Hahaha below +10c ain't shit to what I'm currently experiencing in Eastern Europe. Algood though, cheers Tom and Redmike for the advice, sounds like I'll be better off keeping this jacket I got in Germany for some time yet.

Hi everyone I'm currently in Pai training at Charn Chai it is 30 degrees Celsius during the day to 13 at night. Love training there it has been awesome and love the family atmosphere. Our fighters fight couple times a month in Chiang Mai. I am thinking of fighting and have to ramp up my training from just 2 training to do more, cause 2 sessions a day isn't enough.

but I dont like what I'm seeing on their fb page...students drilling with other students, kicking and elbowing to gloves, thats a very dutch way of training. Either train on the bag or on pads with the Thai s but not to gloves, whats the point in that?

The first thing I heard when I got there was 'Dutch kickboxing not good, you fight Thai style'. Then Bee went on a rant how he kicked everyone's ass when he was over here (Netherlands). Funny that he does incorporate Dutch training methods now. I guess the amount of tourists is becoming so large that they can't give everyone personal pad time.

Drilling on the gloves is meant exactly for that, teaching basics to large groups. Especially beginners. Students doing that together isn't necessarily a bad thing. But it's not what you travel half way across the world for.

Students who train with the team work on technique and combination drills under the instruction of one or two of the trainers (depending on the size of the group) to improve their form for pad work and bag work. It is useful for spotting errors and making corrections as the trainers get a close look at how each student is performing the techniques and combinations and give feedback to ensure the students develop their skill level. It is also good for improving reflexes and coordination.

Bee has a team of 10 trainers so each student gets a minimum of 4 rounds on the pads (personal pad time) at every session whether there's 20/40 people in the group. Technique and combination drills are just a part of the training structure at the gym, they don't spend the entire session drilling technique/combos in pairs.

no one said they spend the whole time doing it but tbh I have never seen it done in any gym I ever trained at, except in Holland. You improve your form for pad work by doing pad work. With Thai trainers.

its the reason why most people end up in shock after their first few training sessions in Thailand, is cos of the brutal pad work. you just don't get it like that anywhere (1 or 2 exceptions) else.

I get it every week over here. The fighters do it a lot more if there's a fight coming up.

You still get daily pads. It ain't just sparring drills where everyone acts like a meathead and bombs each other.

I think it's alright to incorporate those drills in conjunction with Thai pad rounds and clinching, particularly with beginners who need to learn range and timing and stringing combinations together.

Everyone gets daily pad work with the trainers but I found that the drills and working on technique is one of the things that I need the most work on so I appreciate learning all the combos we do in them. I think pads are great but they are not the be all or end all and the drills, sparring, bag time, shadowboxing and working on technique all have their place in learning Muay Thai and not just how to hit but starting to understand the nuances that go along with it.

yup.. I know its not sparring- the tapping gloves thingy, if I recall ive seen gloves with focus points on the palms for exactly that kind of training.

if I go to Thailand I just want to get beasted on pads with knees, kick heavy bag, do tyre bag.
beginners training beginners= blind leading blind imo. even if it is just for part of the session.

but lets all agree to disagree.
and have a nice wank and a cup of tea.

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