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Hey Fellas, I have 2 sets of holidays booked for this year, May and November, May I got Phuket/Bangkok/Kuala Lumpur planned.

For November I got 2 weeks in Thailand planned but wondering where else in Asia to go, my main choice is Vietnam but I am not sure and read some shitty reviews on it, was just wondering what some of you guys think about going to Saigon for 5 days? and what abou Manilla or Jakarta anyone been there and find those places interesting?

I would go to Luang Prabang in Laos
i did not like Vietnam at all. Hanoi is muchj more interesting to see then Saigon but people in Saigon are more friendly.
Manila is not worth it but other places I nthe Pinas are well worth it
oh and 5 days for saigon is to much

you should check the rate of returning tourists to Vietnam, I believe it was 1 percent, that says alot

ive been back there 20 times odd! I love ho chi minh city. very cheap, lots to do. nice food, nice people. once u leave town though its a fucking mess.
cat tien national park is nice. the hills up around dalat are nice.

theyre building s new metro in hcmc though so the whole city centre is chaos now as well. leave it for a few years.

Malaysia and indonesia are pretty shite in my opinion.

especially Jakarta, full of pollution. People in ho chi min are nice indeed, especially compared to the north of the country

as Rambutan said, Manila....dear lord, theyre is no more forsaken city on earth. thhe airport is fucking dire. the traffic, theyre are no words for it. the poverty.

but people are nice, if a bit fucking stupid. you can have a great night out there and it is possible to find nice food.

my inlaws are Filipino and their idea of a good time is sitting2 hours in traffic to go eat some crispy pork or taking selfiesin Starbucks. The average apinoy loves the 3 P's:
Pucking, sirrr

Jakarta is actually probably worse than Manila if I recall. went there once, once was enough...

yes and anyone reading , me and Rambutan have referred to Ho Chi Minh City AND saigon, they are the same place

i only refered to Saigon since minr named the place like that.
at the moment the only thing named saifgon is a brand of beer:-)

S S S S Saigon n n n n n n n 19

My dad used to make me and my sister go to Jakarta and Bandung every Ramadan when we were kids.... Jakarta is the worst place in the world, it's polluted, dirty, bad traffic, crime, loads of druggies, not many trees.... All we would do is go to the mall.... One time when I was 15 I protested cos I really didn't want to go, so I got bribed $100 to go, but I regretted that decision....

Bali is good, but just stay away from Kuta cos it's got bad vibes... Go checkout an Island called "Gili Trawangan" if you go to Bali, it's pretty rad, but it's probably not the best place to go if you are travelling solo.... Canggu is nice, but there are heaps of expats there now, and a lot of the newer expats ride around on their Cafe Racers like they own the place, all competing for ultimate socialite status, but whatever if you're just here for a little while.

i like Phnom Penh in cambodia, very beautyfull city witch much old temples to visit

and Siem Reap is also worth

..also worth it. you can spend at least 3 days visiting the temples over there

This is what I like to see! passionate responses from people and debates flaring up haha.

I guess I will go to Saigon then or Ho Chih Min City as Rambu refers to it, I would love to see there many war museums and the cu chi min tunnels and on the hotels are dirty cheap!

Manilla I thought I could have tried cause where I work I deal with all nationalitys and loads of Pinoys in particular and I must say the girls are super duper hot and funny too and they have the weirdest names and they always say I should check out Manilla (Maneeeeeyyyaaaa).

And I guess i'll take hawkmans advise and go since the last time I took his advise it was one of the best choices I made haha

Tbh seeing Temples isn't my sort of thing, I don't mind driving past one taking a photo like Wat Pho but not just to go to a place to see them Cambodia tbh there isn't much for me to see

I lived in the Pinas for a while and really, you DON'T want to go to Manila, the only reason they tell you to go is bcs they are super nationalistic.
There are really beautifull places to see in the Philippines but Manila is not one of them
+ it can be dangerous if you go out of touristic areas
if you go to the Pinas then go to the provinces, the only problem is that you'll have to take another flight...

Yeah, don't fancy having to get like 10 different planes to go cebu, boracuay etc, half these pinoys are born in cities I don't even know exist, they sound like some medieval mexican cities lol

Most asian places are, I told Thai people Phuket is nice they say thank you etc lol

Any other asian places you been and liked/didn't like?

I like: the whole North of Thailand ( especially mae hong son) , Luang Prabang ( but not the people), The Philippines in general ( but I dont think the touism is developped enough to play tourist) Cambodia in general ( very nice people),


Haha cheers for the advise buddy

Manila is like a massive version of Birmingham but with 10x the people and 100x the traffic. serioulsy there are no cities in asia with the level of pollution and traffic and poverty.

BUT- if you go to the area round Bonifacio Global City or Alabang or makati around teh Shagri La area its quite nice.

do not go to S Povinces unless you go to Davao, thats the only place in Mindanao where the MILF militia will not chance their luck in kidnapping you.

In Ppines kidnapping is good business, usually by police officers. There are huge numbers of guns there, even at a mall you will see dozens of guys with sawn-offs.

if you do end up in Manila, Burgos street is good for a naughty night out.

But simply put , it will be one of the bigest eye openers you ever have.
The Pinas woman are hot yes and they will take care of you but theyre impossible to shake off and just want to eat and go to malls all day. Mine I have been with for nearly 3 years. Family and friends will treat you like family.

Burgos street is that in Padre Burgos?

most southern provinces are ok, just a small part of Mindanao isn't

I believe Jakarta is as polluted if not worse then Manila

What Hawkman said in the end about Filipinas is 100 procent right, you 'll feel like you really belong to the family in contrast of how you might feel amongst Thais

Jakarta is currently rated as the 2nd largest urban area in the world (behind Tokyo), with approx 30 million people. It has basically no public transportation. No Subway line, no light rail, there is a commuter rail line built by the Dutch like 150 years ago that goes from suburbs to center and there are nightmarish polluting minibuses that serve as the backbone of transportation.

It literally can take 3 hours to go from the center of the city to one of the posh neighborhoods on the perimeter in a private car. Or 90 minutes in private car to go from one part of center to another part of the center.

Avoid at all costs. Indonesia is lovely, the people are friendly, and its a gorgeous country, just avoid all the large cities.

Sumatra is lovely. just go to Padang and go northwest up the coast towards one of the small islands.

Guess i'll avoid Jakarta and maybe one day go to Bali or something.

As for Manilla I think i'll skip that and maybe go next year for a day and do boracuay or cebu or something lol Yeah you guys are right these pinas are defo something else they look mexican too!

I have heard from a friend who goes Manilla every year that it is a shithole and even Bangkok is better too.

Bangkok is paradise compared to Manila.
Cebu is almost as dangerous as Manila ( my wife and her family think it is even worse).
When I say Cebu I mean the City, on the island there are some nice spots, I went swimming with whale sharks in Cebu and you can dive with Threasure sharks at Malapascua island near Cebu city.

the blowjobs are cheapest in ???

Defo not Sukhumvit from what I seen haha

Anybody been to Hong Kong, Japan or Taiwan? Any advice?

been to HK, they said people are rude there but when I got lost everybody was really friendly

I tried to look up Hong Kong for when I go, it is bloody expensive, no 3 star hotels, only hostels or 5 stars and even the crappier hotels don't cost less than £100 per night, it's more expensive than Dubai that is all I need to say.

Tokyo is very expensive too from what I hear but better than Hong Kong in terms of activities.

Taiwan not much really going on there.

japan is amazing. I went to tokyo , hiroshima, kyoto, kobe. kobe is shite. all the others are amazing. people are so polite, place is so clean, as a civilisation they are near perfect as any contemporary society, and man if you walk around tokyo u have never seen so many hot women.

plus the food...
but it is so expensive day to day shit. afoid roppongi its full of Africans

apparently in osaka they are quite rude. do not go tokyo during summer, it is unfathomably hot, really.

hiroshima is v beautiful, the sea around there and islands are so nice. beware the hornets .

Hawkman comes through once again with some excellent advise!

minr, you can try airbnb for hongkong, I din't check it out yet but you might find something interesting...

If Hawkman likes a place it must be really great because he doesn't like anything in general :-)

Hawkman, thx for sharing the knowledge mate

what would you say is it easy to hook up with some japanese women in Tokio without speaking japanese at all ?
a friend told me that the hookers don´t serve whites because of big big scary

Yesterday I ve read an article stating the same, most prostitute in Japan don't accommodate foreigners. Japanese only

Watch that Vice documentary about sex, think it's called "We're Japanese, no sex please."....... It's about how Japanese men have become such pussies when it comes to picking up girls that they instead have Tamagochi type electronic girlfriends.... Also, this has caused a boom in the male gigolo industry......... Fucking weird shit in that documentary, they have "Cuddle Farms" where guys go and pay just to cuddle some random chick..

I reckon the idea that inspired the movie "Her" was revolved around Japan and it's societal sex issues.

Rambutan a friend of mine spent 6 months in Osaka
he didn´t get a kamikaze pussy at all

Well try all those porn sites and even then you can't find any proper Japanese with any foreigners except 1 so no surprises there! At work though I used to see lots of Japanese women with white guys though.

The main ones are Filipinos and Thai women there are always young girls travelling with old white men and you just look at the person next to you like wtf

yeh no gaijin cock for the hairy jap pussy. apparently korea is easier. and seoul is cheaperthan tokyo

God bless Korea

Hahaha Thanks. Yea the Japanese sex industry is the craziest shit on earth.

they put eels and octopusses in their asses but refuse to suck gaijin cock

Used to work for Koreans and my the korean women are stunners, although they are really fucking spoilt and rude too at times.

Rude girl = She s asking for stuffin her rear end
scientific fact

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