Weightless Muay Thai Gym Program?

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Hi everyone. Im 37 from the UK. Ive decided to take 9 months out in order to get in shape. Enough is enough... I have eaten my way to 138KG and I'm done. No longer prepared to gamble with my health, god knows ive been lucky so why push it. Anyway wanted to ask for recommendations on a gym that is welcoming and that can accommodate an overweight dude like me. Any Gyms in Thailand that have a quality fitness or weight-loss program aside from Tiger Muay Thai in phuket. Not really keen on over populated commercialised gyms , would really appreciate something a bit more customer orientated. This will be my second time to Thailand but my first time solely to get in shape. Probably looking to ease my way in with a 1-2-1 private sessions 6 days per week for the first few weeks . But will need some advice . So any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance .

Go to Dragon Muay Thai, it's small and friendly.

I reckon 6 days a week of 1 - 2 - 1 is too hectic for a person of your weight, people tend to lose motivation when starting out too hard...

I also reckon that if weight loss is someones sole objective, then they should engage in exercise that is fun, like a team sport..... I understand the urge to do things in a radical fashion e.g "Man, I'm fat, it's time to turn things around. I'm going to go to Thailand and train Muay Thai hardcore, it's gunna be sooooo hardcore, this will work for sure", it definitely has a certain appeal to it, I know from experience, but I think more often than not, people end up failing when taking this approach.

Just my opinion.

Live smart,

All the best to you.

Really appreciate your input. I intend on putting the same amount of effort that it took me to get this big , and apply it to Muay Thai. I'll have to totally disagree with you when you mentioned that more often than not people end up failing. This is business for me... the business of saving my own life. Hardcore is exactly what I'm after ( with a does of fun). I reckon I can sacrifice a few months of pain and enjoyment out of the next 40 years that I intend on living :-) . My chain of thought is not oh I'm fat , let me drop everything and go to Thailand to loose weight , my thought process is .. hummm I wasn't always this big , ive just gotten extremely lazy, sitting on my ass in an office 60hrs pw doesn't help, ive previously done martial arts, ive changed my eating habits , now let me remove myself from this comfort zone, take a long needed break and go and train in a sport I have always admired and get back in shape. So I'm guessing you could simply have suggested Dragon Muay Thai and done :-) ... but thanks all the same

I don't want to teach you how to suck eggs. :-)
I'm sure you're already well aware of the theories of physical exercise and weight loss.

Not sure if you already have done, but I would say, "don't wait until you get to Thailand to start getting into shape. Start now."

I can't recommend a gym because it's a long time ago that I last trained in a gym in Thailand, and things change. I don't know your personality or habits, but it might be best to choose one that is away from any other distractions to help keep you on your path.

Whereabouts in the UK are you?

How tall are you? (people always fricken forget to put their height stats!) Cos if you are 7foot tall, the 137kg isnt as bad as if you were 5"10

Any gym will work. Training MT once or twice a day for 5-6 days a week will help anyone as long as your diet is right (weight loss is mostly diet anyway as I'm sure you know). Problem is a lot of people throw themselves into it and get injured in the first week or two and find they can't train. Build up slowly, you've got plenty of time. I'd suggest somewhere like Sumalee on Phuket which, while I've never been, gets good reviews and is far enough out in the sticks to avoid the temptation to party - I don't care how well- intentioned anyone is, you can only train for so long and you have the rest of the day to fill and it becomes very easy, as others will tell you, to succumb.
Look at KYN as well. You're on a fairly undeveloped island, no tourist traps, not much to do other than train.

in Phuket you also have a small gym called Chang Gym, at Kata/karon beach not far from PAtong Beach.
i think it is a better location then Dragon which is in the middle of Phuket, far away form the beach and Patong.

If weightloss is the main goal any gym will do it and I think Tiger and Rawai are not such a bad choice since they seem to have alot of bootcamp, weightloss programms ( but I would not go there for an other reason)

I´d say Tiger.

they have a weight loss programme plus muay Thai /boxing/mma

Lots of people to hang around with and good location (at least not a bad one)

Its not the place to become a fighter and/or fight, but it seems a great place for your goals.

Tony´s is a restaurant really close to it with delicious food and with highcalorie offer.

70% of your succes is DIET and 30% is exercise. Be careful and dont overtrain at first and treat yourself right after with a big meal.

Not saying that mocking or joking, sorry if it sounded that way.

Good luck!

I would prefer to stay well away from areas like Phuket and Pattaya if at all possible. Less populated , less club/drink orientated locations would be ideal. I was considering Chaing Mai but I'm concerned about the air quality during the burning seasons from March. Im pretty sure I can achieve the same goals in somewhere in Thailand for a fraction of what Tiger charges. With the correct diet and regular exercise I'm confident I can hit my goal by month 9. I just need to find a gym in a quieter location, but close enough to a boarder to do a visa run without the need to travel across the country. appreciate your help though.

oh i'm sorry I misunderstood,
i tought you wanted to go to Phuket,
MC'2's reply made me guess that

yes in that case, anything is better then Phuket

you can look at Issan or BKK gyms?

Ok, then go to Bangkok.

There are several camps away from the city centre, very much like farms or similar, no pollution, not many party options and good vibe.

Check out Kiatphontip, I really liked it. Just tell them your goals form the start so they know exactly how they can help. No party options, just train and rest. If you get bored, you cang to kao san road by taxy in 15-20 minutes.

Luktupfah, very similar.

Avoid rice and sweets, rest, go little by little, be patient, constant and you´ll make it.

No worries ...

If you want to be really close to the border, look at Charn Chai in Pai, doesn't seem to be too many bad things said about the place.

Aside from that, one place that seems to fit most of your criteria is Por Promin in Hua Hin. Hua Hin is much quieter than Phuket and Pattaya but still has beaches, while Por Promin seems to cater to people looking to lose weight as well as fighters. I haven't been there myself, but I know a few people that have and apparently there is a real family feel about the place.

All the best mate.

If you want to be really close to the border, look at Charn Chai in Pai, doesn't seem to be too many bad things said about the place.

Aside from that, one place that seems to fit most of your criteria is Por Promin in Hua Hin. Hua Hin is much quieter than Phuket and Pattaya but still has beaches, while Por Promin seems to cater to people looking to lose weight as well as fighters. I haven't been there myself, but I know a few people that have and apparently there is a real family feel about the place.

All the best mate.

Cheers Dazz, ive looked at Charn Chai quite a bit. Only concern is the burning season is about a month away, ive heard people pretty much stay away during this time because of the poor air quality. Hua Hin looks like a better option less of the distractions ect ect.Ill dig around for a couple more days then just pick a location and go. cheers.

so why not rawai muay Thai khao lak, it might fit your criteria


@Pepsi - He can't go to Phuket cos of "club/drink" risk factor that may get the better of his self control.

Ah "Khaolak" - disregard last post.

why not Banchamek gym in Surin?

why dont you find it out slowly?
having 9 months you might try out a number of gyms
for some time and then find out where you can train
best, have most fun, without too big "ditractions"
and stay there fore some months

Personally id prefer to stay in 1 location and not have to move from place too place. Works out cheaper for me too as I will be renting a condo at a location within a reasonable distance to do a single visa run. I'm pretty sure I'll do Hua Hin at Chock dee's camp. His rates are great too and its only a 2.5 hr drive to BKK, all in all its looking promising. I have not been to Thailand since 2007 so I'm pretty excited to get out there.

did you start running already,
It is the best preparation can get before moving to Thailand.
Even better then joining a MT gym in your home country :-)

Yup started working out consistently about 6 weeks ago, lol reckon I can do about 5 mins on the first day without passing out

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