Western Boxing Gyms In Thailand

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Hello guys,

i am looking for a camp that offers or has English boxing/boxers.
I know from a few years ago that Por Pramuk has/had an English boxer doing quit well.
all other fighter in Thailand come from unknown gyms, at least to me and to this website.
I want to go on a trip around september october and dont want to practice MT but boxing.
Going to Tiger or such is not an option, actually the whole south is not an option because I will have enough Islands where I will live. and Phuket is to expenisve.
I only care about the training and food.

i don't know any of the gym listed as the last name of those fighters:

boxrec.com/ratings.php?country... ...l&status=A&SUBMIT=Go

Two gyms that I recognize on there are Chuwattana Gym and Meenaythoyin Gym. They are not really boxing gyms but have a few boxers.

Add onto that maybe Top rated Gym and Galaxy Gym

You can find all the information for these gyms on this link;

siamfightmag.com/en/muaythai-e... ...en/bangkok-region-en

Thanks Hobz,
it doesnt matter if it is not a real boxing gym, as long as there are boxers and I can get a boxing training instaid of MT style striking.

It's really expensive, but there is Samart's gym, Poptheeratham. If I'm not mistaken, there was a poster on here who even had a boxing rules match at one of the big BKK stadiums for the gym. I talked to a guy who trained there and he said they do a lot of western boxing there, as you would expect.

Top ranked nothing happening there now I don't think, owner going for the Phuket money, opening a stadium in Chalong

I think charnchai has a boxing champion.

Poptheeratham looks good but damm expensive your right.

Does charnchai has a website? cannot find anything...

Yokkao/Bangkok fight lab on Sukhumvit has a coach called Barry Robinson who has a class called 'clean boxing' although I don't like it when people add fancy titles to there classes.


I also saw some farangs doing pure boxing padwork when I was there.
Pai can get boring as fuck. That can be a good thing (no distractions), it depends on what kind of environment you need.

Iīve had your same problem for ages.

Chuwatanna is in chinatown and even more polluted than BKK alredy is.

Try emailing Meenayothin and keep us updated.

I like to go to Pai because it is Quit and I like hippies :-)
But I don't really like the locals over there.... and because it is in the mountains there is a lack of fruit compared to the markets in Chiang Mai.

What is it that you don't like about the locals? (just curious, it's not that I disagree)

fruit smoothies are cheap over there.

i found them unpolite, a bit rough, harder then most Thais.
maybe because it is such an isolated mountain location?
They reminded me about Laos

Tbh I don't think Thailand is the place for Boxing, I think you should go USA or somewhere along those lines for that type even Russia

I will be living in the Philippines soon so then i'll be in a good place
but Thailand is good because it has a lot of camps that offer 6 hours a day 6 days aweek training unlike other gyms.
Thailand is ideal for a holiday of hard training

Jacky from Sumalee has western boxing and Craig Dickson, fighter at Sumalee, likes to punch alot.

ahh just read that you dont want to go to Phuket. Sorry. Can't help you here. But yeah some people have mentioned that if you want to do purely boxing.. Thai land might not be the easiest place satisfy this need.

Well Manilla is a good place for sure, plenty of Pacman people

i'll stay in the province but there are some local gyms and nationally well ranked fighters.
The good thing in the Pinas is that they are easy to accept foreigners and can speak English.

I never found people in Pai to be less polite than the rest of the country.

Going back to the thread:

Some of us love Muay Thai but enjoy boxing or k1 aswell. In this case, I feel like Rambutan.

He likes Thailand and MT but enjoys boxing and would like to find a place in this country where practice/compete/train both.

Suggesting "going somewhere else" would be great if he had asked where to go in the world to do some boxing, but he stated he would like a gym IN Thai land that has western boxing.

KYN should have good boxing from what I've read. Emerald in Ao Nang as well.


Michael Katsidis apparently trained at Tiger

Thanks for all the input guys,
will read up on each gym mentioned ( except Tiger :-) )

phuket top team also has a seperate boxing class, and you'll probably find a lot of sparring partners there.

Seems like Phuket has a wide variety of places to train boxing and MT.

Canīt say the same for Bangkok.

Rob, does Kiantpontip have a kru with special habilities for Western Boxing?

Would you consider it in the future?

i am sure BKK has it also, but those gyms are probably not known by westerners...

hold on. think about this for just ONE minute. How comes a country with over 60.000 PRO Thai boxers has so little
achievemnt-succsess in western boxing?
i mean with so many fighting athletes ..... how terribly bad and wrong has the boxing teaching there to be in order to have
such a low level in the noble art?
this makes me wonder since 20 years ago ....

@ johnny

pretty fucking bad, but that's nothing new is it? The guys over here that have one fight (or just spar with the fighters) have better boxing than the Thais I've sparred with that had 10+ fights. But they don't need those advanced boxing skills either.

@ Johnny,

because at a national level more many is to be made in MT so the focus on that...?

Thailand has some very well ranked boxers in the Bantamweight devision and lower, just not in the heavier, more popular weight classes....

@Tony, those Thais with 10+ fight are boxers or MT fighters?

MT. I sparred only a few though. And I'm not referring to kicking or clinching, they owned my ass in that. But boxing was definitely not their strong point.

probably because the boxing style of muay Thai is very different then in regular boxing.
In MT you cannot hold your guard as high because you need to protect your body against icks and you can't keep the bended head forward posture or you get a knee in your face. Boxing has little impottance in MT ( Thai scoring) so they don't bother to learn it as good as a k1 fighter neither.

yeah that's what I meant.

it is nice when we all understand eachother :-)

to be honest I did meet and spar with Thai athlets with belts in international boxing, and I did get owned.
but all of them came from Muaythai and started boxing later. maybe therefore there was no "flow" in theyr
boxing. they adapted to evading in boxing style, but theyr striking used to remain Muaythai style. (very hard
hitting, but withou flow and not so nice and longer combos, also the hooks and uppercuts have not been
good enough to mess with eurpeans or latinos).
they have some boxers in the low-weight rankings, but compared to the huge number of athlets thats just
not enough.
about the money, some promoters and boxers told me they make more with international boxing then Mt ....
and the dont need to fight that often. therefore the athletes seemed to be happy to move to boxing ;-)
they just did not become good enough at it, maybe lack of qualified boxing Teachers in the land of smiles?
some of my friends had some asian and asian-pacific titles .... but when they had to boxe against good japanese
and philly boxers .... it was all about their great heart. the better skills I saw them with their opponents ....

I īve heard many times the sentence "punches have no influence in scoring card". Ok, so?

Lets supose two MT fighters are matched in MT skills, maybe the better puncher wonīt have more points but hell Iīd bet for the one who had western boxing skills for sure.

I understand they donīt have to be qualified western boxers, but dam they should at least have a decent technique. Absolutly agree with @mylittleTony, MT boxers with over 10 fights shouldnīt get owned, no flow, no foot work and sloppy.

Basic fundamentals of western boxing should be a must at early ages, with or without scoring cards.

Just my humble opinion.


the lack of footwork and flow is why I don't like to watch MT fights, I prefer Western boxing.
I like to pratice MT, alot but watching it is just boring

Hi Rambu

i think Kokietgym is a good one based on how many Fighters(within Thai Top 100 p4p) they produce
But I couldnt loctate the gym, maybe Rob knows

The battered brain dwarf Katsidis came to Thailand for a cheaper life, training and legal juicing

Once you've mastered punching technique, you can adapt it to MT or even benefit from MT padwork

the flow can be easily trained on heavy bag provided you've got some rhytm:)

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