What Brand Are Those Pads

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Look Toy FA Group, Thai Champion:

What pads are those pads.?
It looks like some fairtex, but I can't find them anywhere.

LOL the whole video is sponsored by Boon.

Kaewsamrit make similar pads too

I know. but boon doesn't make pads like that.

On less they make something special that is not in stores yet.

I know. but boon doesn't make pads like that.

On less they make something special that is not in stores yet.

before someone asked what shin pads were in a yokkao video...
and we all know yokkao would never let any other brand near there video

That's true.
But I find it odd, that boon suddenly goes in the totally different direction.
They always made a name out of keeping to "no flashy" Color.
Maybe this pads are something totally new from them, and they went down the evil flashy path. Haha :)

They are similar to the 'K' brand ones I have. If I could upload a pic I'd show them.

They are hand made and you'll have to go through gym contacts to get them. I got 3 pairs off a trainer at Eminent Air for 2K baht a pop.

I'd say that the say maker made those pads as the stitching style is unique and those pads definitely have that.

IMO, the K brand pads are the best you can get. Nice, light, and slight curve too. Twins, Fairtex etc theses days are all too bulky and useless.

I pics would be nice. Thanks.:)

Here's me striking them (note the stitching method): scontent-b-lax.xx.fbcdn.net/hp... ...19093335632880_o.jpg

Here's what they look like when not worn: fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.net... ...26408472353680_o.jpg

Eminent Air Gym!!

That concrete gets slippy as hell when you start doing pad rounds on it!


they look similar to the k brand, but those don't use a buckle, and they have some sort of extra padding on the back. the pictures I saw without them being worn don't show any logo either. A custom brand or maybe a modified or rebuilt set of pads? Doesn't appear to be the only logoless pads they have though.

other then the colour, they look exactly like these Fairtex pads

fairtex.com/collections/traini... ...urved-thai-kick-pads

So either the logo has worn off, or maybe they just got them from the same manufacturer

why is that gym called Eminent Air anyway?anyone know?

Or this one in red and with one strap.

It has the stitching and the extra padding.

looks like it to me, other then the extra strap, A wholesale manufacturer for some major brands?

Quote: Hawkman
why is that gym called Eminent Air anyway?anyone know?

Gym was sponsored by the air con company Eminent Air.

Then it got changed to "Sagami" a few years back. Ironic to see them sponsored by condoms now considering every trainer and fighter is spitting out kids like there's no tomorrow.

The owner is also a lawyer, was and possibly still is the lawyer for Eminent air and possibly there ready for any resulting lawsuits from Condom malfunction :P

Mr Somboon also appears to own at least one snooker hall in Bangkok, or at least that's what I gathered from our conversation. I think he may also be involved with horse racing.

He's definitely a character, watching him strolling round the gym with a fuckoff huge pile of baht after their Lumpini night was a memory that will stay with me for a while......

^6 poolhalls, 4 horses

Anyone who went to Eminent Air ever go to the 'Snooker Hall' at the other end of the Soi, on the wasteground just across from Tesco....?

Also doubled up as the local casino/gambling den by the looks of it. Basically a tin shack with two snooker tables, a few computers and a few drinks.

Fucking hot in there. Not often you go for a game of snooker and need a shower after.

Staying off topic and on subject of Mr Somboon… he's fighting in a couple of weeks


What the fuck, how are they going to score that haha

Fuck knows

Last time this was gonna happen it never materialised.

I'm somewhat sceptical this one will too, at least in a genuine contest sense.

Guess we'll wait and see.

The last time it was blocked by sports authority, the opponent a lot younger and bigger. There is 4 million riding on it so imagine they will both come to fight

It'll be interesting for sure then. A hell of lot different for him when he isn't paying his fighters to take practice strikes and feign being hurt.

yeh reality check!

So noon lost last night, didn't come out for the third round. He got dropped for 8 count in second and looked gone, took a lot of punches, he and his corner wanted to carry on, but they were told to call it a night as genuine concerns he would get seriously hurt. Showed a big heart though.

Yeah I heard it was brutally one sided.. Was hoping for a video but didn't get one.

Sounds as though all the pre fight betting exchanged hands too. Not the best of night when you lose a shit load of money and get the snot beaten out of you in the process.


They were definitely right to call it off when they did. The gulf in class was evident in the first 10 seconds. Continuing further would have just been brutal.

He showed good heart though and maintained a big smile from start to finish which was good to see.

Dude got mashed up

"he fight will be under special rules, with Yodwanpadet a former multiple Ratchadamnern and Lumpini champion giving Thanai Toy a 5 lb weight advantage and on top of that is only allowed to punch and cannot use any other Muaythai weapons. Thanai Toy will be able to use the full Muaythai arsenal of weapons."

"Thanai Toy will be able to use the full Muaythai arsenal of weapons" , he just stood there, didnt even throw a real kick.
Still have to respect him for going in the ring and staying so positive and smiling all the time .

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