What To Bring For A Months Training In Thailand

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I am going to be going to Bangkok for 5 weeks from July to August. What would you suggest I bring and how much. I plan to train full time but also do a little bit of site seeing as well.

Thanks in advance

runningshoes, tablet or laptop, camera, underwear, tothbrush etc most other thing you can buy there.
I would buy most t-shirts, shorts and flip flops in TH
also, if you don't have a pair of decent gloves, better buy them there

think rambutan has you covered pretty much...where u thinking of training? are u training at home already?

Thanks. I am from London and I will be training at Kaewsamrit. I have been training here in London for a couple of years.
Most people are saying I will need only half a suitcase but I wasn't sure if that was too little

20 lbs of Protein
Big issue !!!

What Rambutan said plus some runners plaster

If you are going to Kaewsamrit then buy a bed topper when you're there from Big C, because their beds make concrete slabs feel soft.

Also buy some bullshit repellant for every time madame try's to sell you something.

what do you mean about madame selling stuff? HAve you experienced anything like that @ Kaewsamrit?

She's nice and all, but she's also a bit of a wheeler and dealer. Sort of like a Thai verson of Del Boy.

I forgot my towel at the hotel once and she wanted to charge me 100baht to rent one. I was like that's bullshit, ill just use the curtains to towel off.

I think a little bit of hospitality goes a long way if you know what I mean.

Rent a towel for 100 bath is bad indeed, especially if you are already paying so much

Thanks. Is big c a person or a shop.

100 baht for a towel is bad

I'll tell you my list

Couple of t shirts
Loads of underwear
running trainers
a pair of jeans
shower gel, toothbrush paste, shower spones, back scrubber, floss, mosquito repellant, sun tan lotion, a few right guard sprays all of this u can get in Thai land from 7/11 or family mart though.
external hard drive with movies, tv shows etc anything u need to watch
boxing gloves, shorts, leg guards
gopro camera
neck pillow for the flight and hotel

thats about it since your in bangkok it is super cheap go to mbk for your clothes and the toilettries u can get in bangkok so you'll be fine.

You can buy most of that over there for a lot less. Just bring some clothes and all your electronics from home. If you can use some new gloves or shin pads, you might as well buy them in bkk.

nah Big C is like Thailand's version of Tesco's

things to bring

empty case just your pants gloves t shirts for training and some sports socks and trainers
maybe bring some ear plugs and eye mask for sleeping through mornings of dogs barking and sunlight
protein powder or whatever u use
small torch, if youre going rural its v handy to have snd dogs dont like them
bring some cash as well, u get charged by Thai atms
also in Thailand atms give you ur money first then your card...v easy to walk away from an atm forgetting your card.

things to buy when you arrive

sketolene ( its mosquito spray for your skin)
rehydration sachets, get a box from pharmacy
loads of bottle of water do not underestimate how much you will need it
alcohol for surgical/ cleaning purposes
plasters/ bandages
sunglasses all cheap as fuck
m150 to wake u up each morning and various other bits of shit from 711

take a quick drying traveller towel

ha ha is big c a person!

Thanks for the responses guys.

@rainey it's my first time so I didn't know lol. It sounded like l
It could be a nickname or something

Big C(unt)

dats you

Bring everything you use during your day to day non-professional life in your home country but factor in that the climate is hot and humid. Also factor in the possibility of thievery, so bring a bicycle chain lock to secure your baggage on to a solid object with for when you leave your dwelling for a prolonged period.

You are not going to the middle of no where, this is not a what 'would you bring to a Deserted Island' type of situation.

Eat a Ladyboy cock S


i just got home from training in Thai land, dont bring a head gear ......bring ur own gloves ( dont worry about size 10-14oz will be fine), bring shins, mouthguard and thats it .

Most gyms provide shinguards you can use...

I wish I was rich enough that when ever I went travelling all I would have to bring is a small backpack with a toiletry bag + pair t-shirt + spare undies + boardshorts AND a platinum creditcard.

If I was that rich I would hire some bitches to even clean my ass

lose the platinum credit card though and youre fucked.

if I was rich enough I wouldnt bother travelling. travel is a form of escaping the mundane , the reality of our shit lives.

i would stay here , in UK and spend my money on ale and whippets

Their swimming feels bad !

Fuck it was ale not eel ... Need to get sober

That's deep shit Hawkie, it sort of relates to the saying "you can't run away from yourself", u know? Cos people are always thinking that their lives will be somehow be better if they move to different cities or travel, when it's actually a new place in their minds they have to start living in.... I'm getting all into this cos I ain't happy one bit here in Bali: pretentious expats everywhereeee and cops depriving you of your liberties........ If I was rich I would buy every restaurant and bar on the main Eat Street here, and I would demolish them all and make botanical gardens, either that OR just become a full decadent motherfucker. I donno.

so....Bali sucks?


people want to go backpacking round australia or india

its not back packing ...its backtracking

encountering all the shit, miserable things you feel about yourself whilst sweatng in cockroach infested dorms, on a budget and realising no matter how wealthy you are in comparison with the locals, you are still fundamentally unhappy

i had a platinum creditcard...

ended up bankrupt. oops!

So Hawkman, what is the solution to happiness in your opinion?
It bothers me I know so many poor people in SE-Asia that are so much happier then people in the west...

I don't know for sure if Bali sucks anymore than anywhere else or whether it's me, Tony.

I meet 10 people a week at the local beach bar, 10 people who are here trying to run away from themselves - Bali is certainly a hub for that. Ever watched Eat, Pray, Love? Pffft

Bali is a tourist trap. Stay out of Kuta area. Go to Ubud or at the very least a few minutes away from the popular areas. Cannguu is nice. Do interesting stuff, why the hell are you hanging out at a bar? Join a surf camp and go surfing twice a day at 5am and 3pm.

Or Smoke some Opium and meditate

i must have read the wrong book, was it Eat Shit Fuck?

rambo, agreed. there are many happy people in poor nations.

the more you have the more you want
most of our unhappiness is that the more things you own, the more things own you.

i am earning half what I used to earn 6 months ago but I am happy in my circumstances, despite having a shit lot. reeting on my shoulders and am not physically/ mentally ill anymore. I lost about 14 kg through not being stressed, I am not constantly thirsty or suffering from anxiety/ rage.

happiness is having a supportive loving family unit, freedom and means to do things you enjoy and having a full belly before you go to a peaceful nights sleep in a safe place.

Was born and raised in Bali, Insomniac.... Yeh I've met heaps of people who have fucked themselves up through getting sucked in by the 'Kuta life'.... Living here, you certainly get to meet a lot of people at the "cross roads" of their lives. They're the type of people who have this delusion that escaping to some third world country and learning yoga will "complete" them.

In all my years of working late nights, smoking way too much, hanging around a shady crew of guys, being a boozer, traveling from Bali - Thailand - Australia numerous times to find something "greater" - - I found that having a good stable girlfriend to be what has made me the happiest so far, mind you though I got really lucky with the girl I met, sort of like a lucky draw.

Having a supportive family unit, as Hawkman says, is absolute key. I find that all these confused travelers here in Bali are always lone soldiers. I reckon they just need to befriend better people.

people who have this delusion that escaping to some third world country and learning yoga will "complete" them.
I reckon they just need to befriend better people


Holy shit, what I'm about to say is completely relevant to this thread!!

Even going to Thailand and learning Muay Thai is what many people do to try "complete" their lives.

yup. true

screw you guys, you're ruining it for me.

fuck bali , too many poofs riding surfboards ....Thailand is were u go if u want to be a real man hoooorahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Badman22, young blood.......

Yes I'm 27 !

1) The 'surfboard riders', surf by day, get smashed by night. 2) The 'hipsters', pretentious, try to make friends with rich people or people with rich parents, ride shitty cafe racers, fake nice to your face, moochers. 3) Europeans, stuck in fairy land, power of attraction, lots of status updates about being blessed and shit.

actually, I cbf continuing on with this post.

lol bali is just a hole

Europeans, stuck in fairy land, power of attraction, lots of status updates about being blessed and shit.

thats mainly americans mate.

blessed, haters, and sharing Deepak Chopra (MD) shite

Man, I don't even know what we're talking about anymore; All I know is that there's a lot of cocksuckers in the world.... However, I'm happy to be a part of Muay Thailand, pretty much everybody here is level headed, in kind of a fucked way but still a cool bunch of guys.

We should all chip in $100 bucks and open a camp called Muay Thailand.

And we Are blessed to Be able to open it in Bali
lets train all this selfie shooting underfucked brainless hipster fags for a living
Haters gon hate anyway

Lets Upload a ton of pictures of ballles Lifestyle victims with arms thinner than a japanese boys cock wearing 18oz Pink Twins
being in beast mode

cheap food and sex with ladyboys animals and lesbian drugged out farang sluts should Be available within a 5 minutes Walk

@ mc2: That would actually be a good idea.

Vlad what the fuck are you talking about? I made no sense of those sentences haha

I'll make a PayPal, Tony, and you can all put money in, don't worry, you can trust me ;-)

I was just about to do the same thing.

Shaving gel, very expensive in Thailand...

But very worth it. I can't stand hairy asian pussy.

Beard trimmer/buzzer, no need for shaving gel, even works for vagina too (probably).

haha Wlad is wery funny man. I like. Also my sister she like.

Give me your Finger .... She tight like this !!!!!!

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