When Did You First Hear About Muay Thai?

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When did you first learn about MT? It would be nice to hear your everybodies stories :-)

I decided to enroll a Western boxing gym. The gym opened at 17h and I was at a weightlifting gym working out around 15h, trying to kill the time. While there I met a friend and I told him I was going to pick up boxing in just a few hours. He told me "why not join this Thaiboxing gym? Training is very hard and of a high level". I never heard of Thai boxing so I decided I would go have a look instead of joining the boxing gym...and thats how it all started.
This was over 10 years ago.....

Back in the late 70s when Bruce Lee and Kung Fu films were sweeping the country (UK), I chose to do Wing Chun because it looked, or at least we were told, it was the most "DEVASTATING" fighting art. I believed the hype - I was about 14 so give me a break. After looking at Muay Thai and thinking it looked just like boxing with a few kicks thrown in I decided it was boring and certainly not likely to enable me to beat off ten attackers at once unlike Kung Fu.
Anyhow that was the first time checked out MT, and while I eventually settled on western boxing and self-defence, I still enjoyed the bit of MT I did/do (though I'm now too old to do anything seriously). I never stuck at Kung Fu for long as it was a bit shit, imo.

my wife joined a KuFu gym a few years ago and the train really tried to get me to join also but I kept arguing how it was useless compared to MT. ( it wasn't Sanda)

I first saw it in fighters magazine in England, I was doing Wing Chun at the time and Muaythai was just starting to be known through Toddy and Master Sken and fighters like Ronnie Green, there was a gym in central London and I went along to have a go and that was it. 28 years ago, I was 3 at the time :P

I didn't hear about it until I was 27.... on a music forum (similar to this place in that they discussed everything) and someone put a couple of videos up.... I think it was that video of Ramba Sombdet, one of Samart Payakaroon and one of Dieselnoi battering that kickboxer....

I thought it looked awesome and immediately looked up my local gym, within a week I was training there, and after just doing it as a once a week hobby for a few years I decided to quit football and take it seriously.....

After some 'politics' resulted in me leaving that gym, I'm now at a new place and have my first pro fight in 5 weeks....

My Thai mate at at uni got me into it.

Thought he was talking about mai tai at first and never looked back.

As a kid I used to watch illegal Van Damme movies in Soviet Union

Good thread. It's funny that there's recurring things in a lot of people's stories. As a kid I was also studying Wing Chun and told it was the most devastating martial art, Bruce Lee's original style, blah, blah, blah. Then I saw the movie Kickboxer and thought, "Man, Tong Po is a bad MotherFucker." I asked my sifu about Muay Thai and he said it wouldn't work "on the street." We used to compete in point karate tournaments all the time and then 1 of the toughest guys at the school wanted to fight full contact, so he ended up fighting an amateur kickboxing match with a guy from out of town who trained Muay Thai. The M.T. guy smashed him. After that I quit Kung Fu and told myself I gotta learn this Muay Thai stuff.

The first I recall hearing of Muay Thai was the Ong Bak movie. I was in my mid to late teens. It inspired me to join the Infantry so I could save money to come live in Thailand for fucking ever and do Muay Thai. Although I was planning on living in China sometimes too, doing Kung Fu. Never got to China, still in Thailand. I suppose this means Ong Bak was an influential movie for me. I still like it, but Tony Jaa's latest movies are all rubbish. Tom Yum Goong 1 was okay, but nothing else. I blame the directors behind it however, as they're fascist idiots who had motives behind their works other than just making good movies, which derailed Tony's career.

Yeh same for me: Ong Bak way back when I was a kid. It made me think that Muay Thai was the most awesome thing ever. But I didn't go to my first class till like 8 years later. Just thought it was like kick boxing but with knees and elbows, and thought it was certainly the real deal as opposed to all that "Hiya Hiya!" stuff where the people wear kimonos.

when kickboxer came out, then sometime around 2003 I read a blackbelt article about being able to train muay Thai in Thai land. and 2 years after that I could afford to go.

books.google.ca/books?id=ONsDA... ...t%20magazine&f=false

this is the actual magazine I had. Page 66 some author named Chris Pennisi about his time at Lanna Muay Thai

nice article but what kind of a magazine is that :-) I would never buy it!

first time I read about training MT in Thailand was around 2003 also on the website of Rawai gym.

kick boxer! done it for me. JCVD when I was a kid was a god

1992 someone showed me a clinch and knee, even though I was much stronger than him , I coulndt break out of it.

1996 watched my first fight in Thailand. been wasting time on here since.

I had a wager with a friend in school. we would both start training in something, and then fight in 2 years to see who got better. He did tkd, I did some traditional kngfu stuff. One day I was looking up instructionals on a forum, and I found an old muay Thai documentary. It was really long, and I don't remember the title. It was about Thai fighters and gyms, and some instructional stuff.

I remember the Kennel club in Porirua used to have events when I was 10, there was a riverside boxing gym and Muay Thai in the bay which was across the town from where I grew up, the cats who organised events and fought then were pioneers of Muay Thai back in the 80's. The next event at the kennel clubs is on March 14:www.facebook.com/events/328672... ...d_story_type=regular
I think Blake may have fought at these shows when he was a young cunnie
I'm proud to see local scene is still going strong at home

I think my first exposure would have been the JCVD movie: Kickboxer
The one with Tong Po's fake eye lids! :)

probably "kickboxer" plus reading various books and magazines about martial arts.

first exposure in the flesh was id just stop tkd, was training some kung fu and a guy came in said he was training muaythai. I ran into him in the street later on and ended up going to the Muay Thai gym he was at. my legs got so batter from low kicks the first night of sparring. TKD didn't prepare me for half the shit get thrown at me....15 years later, still going.

did you start with redden?

no. I actually started with rene dejoux who was south island middle weight and light heavy weight champion. when he left I trained under a couple of his students before heading to Thailand.

Kay, I thought you were in titahi bay for some reason ne mine

yeah I was. for about a year at alpha in 2007

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