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In another thread Blake got the idea that we should have a thread where you can share your workout ideas instead of the workout itself.
Well because I know he will not start it I just start it myself :-).

I just started experimenting with higher rep workouts and I must tell, it makes me feel healthy, like the way my body I supposed to feel, not having sore , thight muscles.
i did sets of 20 reps near failure with a fast pace (1 sec up , 1 down or maybe faster) for pull downs and bench press
and sets of 70 for abs.
I also noticed it made my boxing go easier...

I had a free PT, told him I wanted to get bit bigger same time get lean he gave me a program which had like 4x25 5x20 3x15 I tried it for a month and it got me nowhere, so I went back to my tried and trusted 12-10-8 x 3 it seems to be working but I don't take a weight gainer anymore so I lost a lot of size now I will get a weight gainer and will do 3 x 10 as a norm.

if I would train for bodybuilding I would stick to the old school programs of Steve Reeves etc,
but unlike them I would only train twice a week instead of 3 times

8-12 reps = sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. not really that important for muaythai.

I actually like a mix of heavy 1-6 reps for strength and power and myofibular hypertrophy, as well as high rep exercises like 50-100 rep body weight squats and lunges to hit endurance fibres as well as deal with lactic acid / hydrogen ions building up.

my focus now is fast twitch type IIa. the intermediate fast twitch fibre. explosive, but has a high number of mitochondria and is more resistant to fatigue than the classis fast twitch type IIb that fatigues very quickly. I think these fibres are better for Muay Thai as we need to explode again and again.

I was messing about with tempo a lot before I left for Thailand. like 4:4:4 for simple things like push ups. ie 4 second eccentric lowering, hold the bottom part of the push ups for 4 secs, then the concentric lifting phase done over 4 seconds. its actually fucken hard and I got much stronger do this also. I increased the number of "normal" push ups I could do in a single set as well as increasing the amount I could bench (even though I wasn't benching)

"It is now generally recognized that skeletal muscle fibers do not exist in three discrete forms at the subcellular level, but rather in a continuum based on the multitude of combinations of myosin heavy and light chain isoforms, polymorphic expression of protein isoforms, metabolic potential, and Ca2+ handling characteristics. Moreover, it is clear that all of these cellular characteristics exhibit some degree of plasticity in response to exercise training"

- Christopher P. Ingalls. Nature Vs Nurture. Can exercise really alter fiber type composition in human skeletal muscle?
Journal of Applied Physiology Published 1 November 2004 Vol. 97 no. 5, pp1591-1592

I also think all that long slow distance Thai s do isn't whats needed. I think beyond it being slow twitch fibres and the aerobic energy system the more detrimental effect it has on older western males is the amount of cortisol release it does. its far higher than anaerobic exercise and will fuck with you hormonally.

i ve once read that the people with the highest type 2b rate are coach potatoes, that exercice, even heavy lifting transforms type 2b in 2a fibers and that if you stop training for a while they convert again to type 2b....
Do you think this is true?

I don't want to train heavy anymore because even it it givesm e power I fuckes up my power endurance/endurance in general
i never had the idea of doing both, low reps combined with very high reps...

im not sure mate. where did u read the study?

I guess that's highly possible along with atrophy / detraining.

personally I feel there is a fine line between "fitness" - ie the ability to keep throwing shots again and again without gassing for air. and "power" - the ability to cause damange with those shots. I know if I do all the Thai style work I get really fit, I don't feel like I gas, but I definitely feel like my shots aren't as effectual. then eventually with too much muscle loss theres an increase pressor effect. ie your heart rate elevates to do the same work you are now doing with less muscle. like you are trying to punch as hard as you once could but with less muscle, so as a down side your heart has to work harder. the loss in muscle despite the increased cardio vascular fitness was a waste in the long run.

I don't remember Blake but I just googled "type 2b fibers coach potato" and found this:

When I train at a Thai gym I do zero strenght training and I always feel like I gain lots of endurance but after a month I feel my punch became weak and I don't think I could KO somebody.

When I strenght trained I felt I could knock somebody's head off, but only throw a few punches before gassing out

like I said. fine line.

I think the secrets to have that right balance.

I would like to know what the likes of Mayweather Pacquiao etc do to maintain power and strenght

anabolics lol

I have a book titled "boxings greatest workouts"
ive misplaced it for now, but one thing that stood out is pacquiao takes a very modern approach. he has a strength and conditioning coach. he doesn't run everyday by the look of the workout programme. whereas at the start of the book the old school guys are all about these super long runs.

i believed Manny ran everyday also? think I ve read that before?

Have you ever seen this?
It is Dr Squats training for Holyfield

yeah actually I have read that before. I also read on on lennox lewis too I'm sure that was similar.

then you also see that it is all about periodisation.
me I believe periodisation seems like crossfit, you don't excell at anything but you get good at everything.
I have a tendency to overfocus on 1 aspect and forget the other parts...

live was easier before strenght training......

just running and boxing

then you also see that it is all about periodisation.
me I believe periodisation seems like crossfit, you don't excell at anything but you get good at everything.
I have a tendency to overfocus on 1 aspect and forget the other parts...

live was easier before strenght training......

just running and boxing

what do u guys think of crossfit?

I feel it has its pros and cons

i am against crossfit because the feeling of getting a good workout comes from always switching your training up.
Your body never has the chance to adapt hence the pain and soreness.
you become good at nothing by doing crossfit and the high rep olympic lifts et are just dangerous imo

they are for mixing it up and never allowing adaptation though.

the Olympic lifts are usually at the start of their workouts. but I agree high rep O-lifts are pretty dumb, even if its only 50% of their max.

I do however like the emphasis on work capacity and anaerobic conditioning.

that's linear periodization you describe. as a fighter who could get offered fights at short notice you need a non-traditional periodization with micro and macro cycles in it.

You can see you are nearing the end of your studies and approaching your degree !
With your knowledge on conditioning and Rob's about MT in Thailand this board could be pure gold for a MT enthousiast

What the fuck Iis with those Kipping pull ups they do?

That shits retarded. Unless using kipping for a muscle up which is what gymnasts do.

Do your fighters train pull ups Rob?

Front squats.

Front squats? I nwhat context do you say that chubby Blake

Yes they do pull ups

Think Blake is referring to a master of strength and conditioning that used to advocate their use on here before he went on the missing list for a while :P

ah Tenchu :-) I remember :-)

Think Crossfit is just a brand and people jumped on the bandwagon simple as. It is otherwise called Circuits in my eyes lol or even gravity training.

I found a video of Blake before he got fat :-)

crazy high kick KO

Fuck u all. How do I post pics from my phone to prove I'm not fat.

post it on your facebook,
your profile is not private anyway :-)))

Are we friends on facebook?

no but I saw your profile today, nice dog. I am actually stalking you because I was looking for fights of you on youtube and on other see if you are fat ...moehahaha

Add me as a friend then.

Back to working out. Heres something I find smashes the biceps. Upright row followed by EZ bar curls as a pairing.

i already send you a request amigo

Crossfit's ok, better than no exercise, the fanaticism/ culture involved is very fucky, same same all the merchandising and shit, I guess if it makes people feel good and gets them off the couch then why not

Upright row - some people should avoid these altogether, esp those with "winged" scapulae. it will fuck up your RC quicker than arm wrestling a silverback.

i cannot do them and I am in a constant process of repairing and restructuring my rc and posture.

rep range I found in the past that 9/7/5 worked best for me, sometimes I will drop down to 3 on certain lifts, right now I am doing a 8 week dealdift rpogram I misread it and on week 2 I tried to do 1x5 reps on 85% of my intended max, it should have been 5 set of 1 rep...twatting hell I only managed 3 and then berated myslef for a day calling myslef a weakling....

why do you find upright rows bad for your posture Patrick? I always believed it would help my posture..
I have a forward bend rounded shoulder posture , that's why I try not to bench much or heavy anymore and focus a lot on pull ups and chin ups....

Have you guys seen this? for me it is the equivalent of high rep pull ups...

I space my hands a bit wider for the upright row

You sure don't have the option of working till failure in that Buakaw video.

I've also heard upright rows aren't the best for R.cuff. Most trainers these days advise against them.

like I said. wider grip.

Helps keep scapula retracted I guess, right? Same idea with overhead presses too.

ohead presses slow behind neck with full scapular retraction and resting the bar on shoulders at "squat" position = best exercise ever

really? I never press behind the neck, always in front

I think the behind neck stuff is fine depending on your mobility and as long as you keep scapula retracted.

Hawkman, I will try those :)


how to get fast, powah explained at 4:25

As part of my work out today I did 100 ring chin ups. Im ptarting to include more high volume body weight work.(volume, not reps) but anyway another idea that is awesome and gets the most out of the muscle is using all forms of contractions. Ie concentric, isometric, and eccentric. For example on the chins I do as many as I can in a single set concentricly... say I was aiming for 10 but failed on 7, the last 3 I do as a isometric hold then when I cant hold it I lower eccentricly as slow as possible, repeat this for the remainder of the reps left in the set.

so what do your sets look like brah?

For what exercise?

I had some 3x3 for cleans, yet 10x10 for chins

new world record in pull ups!

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